Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Sweden
Label: Dying Victims Productions
Year: 2021

“Insane” is often used as bands’ name in heavy metal scene. More than 20 bands were named after that. Setting aside the name, as well as the mediocre cover, their new album comes out to be a blast. It’s just the second complete work for Swedish thrashers, despite they ‘ve been around since 2009. I admit I wasn’t aware of 2017’s “Evil”. I guess it’s even better getting to know the band via this release, thus in the most impressive way possible. “Victims” is an astonishing album, fistful of old school thrash metal, to such extent that you cannot think of anything non related to that 80’s atmosphere. Yet you can find some speed and punk touches here and there. Their sound is totally assimilated with those old school bands. If I had to appoint a bridge to nowadays sound, that would be Gustaf’s (Hellberg) voice. His vocals remind me those of the late Riley Gale of Power Trip. The guitar parts bring to mind the sharp ideas of Destruction and Whiplash. Riffs cut like razor. The production is also old school, without any modern interruptions. Magic happens again in 2021 in Sweden, getting constantly gems of all kind of scene’s genres. As for Insane, fanatics of old-fashioned thrash have to check them out. A reminder of 1986’s glorious days.


Insane: Listen to their new album ‘Victims’ in its entirety