Genre: Death Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Year: 2020

Please raise your hands all of you that like super groups. Even if I had those tremendous ability to see you I know that I would count so many hands after all. Nobody remembers any the majority of super group(s), still many have bought here and there somewhere back in time a copy of a project that even its members have forgotten. Same old story for Insidious Disease and their sophomore album entitled After Death. The project features Silenoz on guitars, Marc Grewe as Groo on vocals, Shane Embury on bass, Terje Andersen as Cyrus on guitars, that replaced Jon Oyvind Andersen and Tony Laureano on drums. They play death metal in a modern prospective and without being something outstanding, they manage to sound fresh, with full energy while the album has its moments and its highlights. Check: “Betrayer”, “Invisible War”, “An End Date With the Worldand” and “Divine Fire”. It is entertaining, definitely good, better than average Joe’s death metal band, but you can live without it for sure, but if you like Obiuary you probably hear it several times in your life.