Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Country: Finland
Label: Century Media
Year: 2019

Just about the moment the first autumn breeze arrived, Century Media delivered the long-anticipated, eleventh album by the Finnish Insomnium, entitled “Heart Like a Grave”; so we might now as well welcome the autumn season officially. Having lowered my standards over this band the past few years with the repetitive and endless “Winter’s Gate” in 2016 and the above the average “Shadows Of The Dying Sun” (2014) when it comes to the compositional state, I didn’t expect anything great from the Finns, until I heard “Pale Morning Star” a few days ago. Long story short, my anticipation for the album release in October 4th was after all, was the endless one and not the record. “Heart Like A Grave” follows the wise pattern “A winning team never changes”. Insomnium managed to release, 23 years after their first touch as a group, their best album. No repetitive points, no fillers, no lack of concetration and no boredom. The lyrical construction and the production is even better than at “Winter’s Gate” (which was the only non boring sign on the entire record). The team is probably at its’ peak, since they added a “golden star” of the finnish scene in their headquarters, Jani Liimatainen on guitars and backing vocals. Well, it seems like I found the album that will guide me through all my autumn nights from now on. Not only for this autumn, though. Probably for all falls to come, ever. I never expected to get myself involved with Insomnium again, but “Heart Like A Grave” deserves a fair position amongst the best releases of the year.