The Greek music scene, if anything, can be very proud of the bands and the quality of music it has to offer, but also “exports” abroad. Of course we are talking not only for metal bands, but also for hard rock, pop, punk and I can honestly believe that we have a band for every genre. One of those bands, is 2thebone. A band that is into the garage/rock n roll genre and recently released its first EP, “Bless”. Let’s have the band’s guitarist/singer George Rigas tell us a few things about the band.

Hello George and welcome to Metal Invader.

2thebone is a newly formed band, so tell us a few things about how you were formed, your line-up and the story behind the band, so people can know about you.

We started playing in 2012 and 3 months later, we played out first gig. We continued doing the same thing, with various friends/members until we reached the point in time we thought it was the best to release “Bless”.

Very recently, you released your first EP, “Bless”, which I had the pleasure to review on behalf of the magazine. How was it created? How was the composing and recording procedure and what is the “philosophy” behind the title and the cover artwork? Also, who were the people you worked with, in order for us to have the final result?

Together with Labis (the drummer), we had some songs which we were already playing. We chose some and recorded them. We wanted to stay simple regarding the compositions, to play in your face rock n roll.

We recorded all the drums, guitars and vocals live at Labis’ Encore Studios. The editing and mixing was done in Germany (Hamburg) by Miltiadis Karanastasis and some instruments were played by Andrew Filippou. Both of them are playing in Kavrila at the moment. Finally, the mastering was done with the help by Dime St and Feedback Studios.

The artwork was Miltiadis’ idea and was created by Thomas Kefalas (ThomasKefalasArt) in Thessaloniki. As you can see, it is a holy man, who can be you, me, anyone. Bless is rock n roll’s blessing. Those who are blessed, know what I mean, hence the title.

 “Bless” was released in tape format, from Fucking Your Creation Records, owned by the very known in the scece, Wrath (Dodsferd, Leeches and many more). Granted that Wrath is into black metal (mostly but not only), how did your reach an agreement with his label?

I know Wrath since many years and we have played together in Drunk Motherfucker. We have always respected each other’s work and when he gave me the chance to release it through his label, the only thing I replied, was that I am in. Besides, we share a common philosophy for underground rock n roll. I believe that is why he wanted so much to be in his label’s roster.

I noticed some influences by bands like Monster Magnet, Misfits and band into pure rock n roll in general. Which were the bands that really influenced you to end up with “Bless”?

Yes all of that are an influence for sure. We didn’t actually sit down to think what we wanted to play in this EP. It was a garage/punk wound while we were playing that pointed in Motorhead/Stooges/MC5… From that point forward, you can blame the damn rock n roll for everything.

Have you ever played live so far? Is the something in your plans, if the covid virus will allow it of course?

Due to covid, we canceled all our pland unfortunately and we are waiting to see what will happen. We would like to play live and we miss playing for sure.

How did you start playing music and eventually become a musician? What was the thing that made you to pick up the guitar and also sing?

I listened to metal at a very young age, during the elementary school, the 2nd grade from by brother. As you can imagine, my world turned upside down. When I listened to the song “Whiplash” on my own I kneeled and thought to myself “how will I do that?”

What are the band’s plans after “Bless”? Are there any ideas for a full length or maybe another EP?

There are ideas, completed songs and the will to do it. With FYC and Wrath’s support, we have talked about a release sometime during summer.

The drums are played by Labis Kastanas, owner of Encore Studios, from which all of us have passed, and for some time he was also the drummer in Deviser. How did working with him began?

We are long-time friends with Labis and we have jammed together a lot. When our previous drummer left, I asked him for a try out, we liked it and he stayed.

Having your own studio is something that many bands are dreaming about. Did you take the advantage of it during the EP’s creation?

For sure it helped, regarding time and not being restricted. It also helps to find the sound you want. I wish all the bands could have their own place.

Are there any bands you would like to work with as a band, either for recordings or live?

We are open to that if something we liked would come up. For recording, I cannot tell you anyone in particular. Live, we can play with anyone.

Tell us if you have your eyes and ears set on a specific band from the Greek scene. What are you listening to at the moment?

There are many bands and I will probably let someone down… Dodsferd, Gomgoma, Yellow Devil Sauce, Slavebreed, Lucky Funeral, Leeches, Bombing The Avenue, Skull Corruptor, Drunk Motherfuckers, Routes, Dirty Fuse etc… and the list goes on. There are many very good bands.

I am listening to many things. I am always looking for new stuff, but I always come back to older releases.

During this covid period, we are watching many bands, playing “live” with internet’s help, as a live streaming. Do you believe that this will be the music’s future? What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you believe that the internet will be able to keep music and bands alive?

I believe that it is a new way of working that helped considering the situation, but I don’t think that this will be the future. The fans need to have live interaction with the bands and I hope that this interaction will return soon. Apart from that, whatever any musician or band is doing to keep their music alive, it is well done and good luck to them.

Thank you very much George for your time. The last words are yours!

Blood, cum and rock n roll.