First of all, welcome back to Metal Invader. Five years have passed since the last time, I think in view of the first Horns Up Festival.

Greetings to all Metal Invader readers. Indeed, 5 years have passed since our headline appearance at the 1st Horns Up Festival and it’s been like centuries, since we would like to take part in this fantastic festival every year. The love we received from the people, the respect and the whole atmosphere are magical (as well as the beautiful and incredibly epic metal city of Trikala).

Within these years, not only the entire human race faced changes, Aherusia went through new stuff as well. Which were the highlights of the past five years for you?

If I could sum them up, they would be like that: We released “Prometheus: Seven Principles on How to be Invicible: and managed to indulge it into a theatrical performance which was successful for three seasons. The Aherusia family grew a but since it transformed into a artistic collective which also now includes our theatrical team and choir. Also, right before the first quarantine we released “Nostos: An Answer (?) based on covers of traditional greek folk music. Both these records were embraced by the world as our first two albums did. This gave us great strength but made us a little bit more active, since our sixth record is already in the making process, while our fifth one will be out –if everything goes well- by the end of 2021.

In the meantime, you’ve been on stage with many important names of the scene. Which one of these nights will always remain in your heart for today and forever?

I don’t like for Aherusia to be considered as an “opening act” for bands that come from abroad. For this reason we choose to play on our headline shows and if something great happens, we ask to be co-headliners. “Opening” for another band I don’t think as a success. However every moment is unique and I think that our co-headliner show with our brothers Cruachan on Kyttaro was really memorable full of thrill and love. To be honest, our last show at the Temple club for the release of “Nostos: An answer (?) will remain unremarkable because it was a magical night and ever since unfortunately we haven’t played any other gig.

Aherusia is a special case of a band, and I say that of course with a positive tone. What would you say makes this band stand out from the rest of the Hellenic scene of extreme sound?

I think we are honest in what we do from the beginning. We never followed the “sirens” of any trend and we quickly eliminated our insecurity in becoming “famous” on the international music chessboard. This is an illusion, which has little to do with the music itself – if you will, in my opinion. We have always wanted and want to play music that expresses us, as well as to talk about a topic that haunts us through our lyrics. We always want to be as close as possible to our audience and we seek this contact. I think that truth and courage make every person strong.

A few days after the first lockdown, “Nostos: An answer (?)” was released including covers of traditional folk music in a new approach that somehow mixed perfectly with the original. How did that go?

People’s feedback was terrific. During lockdown we had to rerelease the CD which was out of stock within the first four months while made the record into a vinyl which went also great. In my opinion, traditional folk music is metal on its own and I think that “Nostos: An Answer (?)” proves that.

What is your favorite pain point in the entire Aherusia discography to date?

It is difficult for a creator to choose a favorite point in his band’s discography… For me there are no “points” or “stations”, since I perceive Aherusia as a continuous centrifugal spiral orbit. We want each of our new albums to be one step forward, each of our concerts, each of our theatrical performances we want to be a unique and unforgettable experience.

What to expect from Aherusia on the Horns up Festival on the 20th of August?

Of course we will give ourselves wholeheartedly to the music and we will play material from the whole discography of the band… It is a blessing thatafter all these alginations that happenned (pandemic, fires, work injustice, murders, social racism, etc.), to be able to stand together as one, unleashing our rage with the public and the band, planning a tomorrow that carries hope for more Freedom and Justice…

What should we expect from Aherusia in general during the next period of time?

Our fifth album will be out soon (either on late 21 or early 22). If everything goes right, we will indulge into live concerts. It will also be transferred into a theatrical performance. I think people appreciate concerts at the moment because they have missed it so much. I don’t have much to say, I’m sure that the thrill will be huge from all of us.

Do you think it will be long before people start to be more “comfortable” at social events or that we still have a long way to go? Any predictions for Friday and the Horns Up Festival?

I hope and wish that everything will go well. Personally, I dream of people visiting Horns Up from all over Greece. After all, it is the only independent festival that continued to operate without being bent by the coronavirus, and this is something we all owe to the tireless soldier of pure ideas and love for music, Christos Dailianas and the guys who help him. Hygiene rules (masks, distances, numbered positions, etc.) are reverently observed so I think people have nothing to fear. Slowly I hope and pray that everything returns to normal. It is important to strive every day to be free.