We had a chat with Piraeus born and raised post-sludgers, Amniac, concercning their sophomore album “Matriarch” and their album release show.

Good evening guys and welcome to Metal Invader. With increased mobility and the new record almost here, how are things with Amniac?

Good evening. Always when there is a new release the anxiety is reaching high levels. At the moment we are running lots of stuff that must be done for the release show and alongside we are doing a great deal of rehearsals.

amniac“Matriarch’ is your sophomore full-length release, three years after ‘Infinite’. How do you feel for your latest effort?

Our joy for this album is great. For the first time maybe things went exactly as we expected them to go and might I say even better so.

Are you satisfied with the feedback so far?

Well, the album has just been released but so far the response is incredible, people seem to enjoy it.

Tell us a few words about the recording process and more generally the technical part behind the disc.

Some pieces are quite old. We always write when we have something to say. When we had all the tracks needed to fill an album we got in a studio and we recorded them.

The title of the album is a contrast expression on patriarchal society? How its art is connected with the records’ temperament?

The album talks about women’s mistreatment in society through the ages and a prime example of this was the subject of magic. This is depicted on the cover.

On the occasion of the previous question, do you believe that an artist should criticize whatever surrounds him from a politicized prism or he can simply confine himself in the entertainment side of art?

In other music genres entertaintment could have the only significance. In our own genre what matters the most is how the band sees things around.

What to expect from Amniac at Death Disco?

Definitely the best we can do. People will have the opportunity to listen the new album live in its entirety.

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Nochnoy Dozor is a newly formed band with familiar faces of the Greek scene. How do you feel sharing the stage and that they will accompany you on something so important for the band?

Some of the guys are our friends and we have already played together with a few of their other bands. This performance is  very important and significant for both of us, as we are presenting our record and for them it’s their very first concert.

What would the audience be able to find at the Amniac’s merch table? Will “Matriarch” acquire a physical nature?

There will be the ”Matriarch” on cd, our new t-shirts and what was left of our old merch.

Thanks for your time guys. You can end this conversation as you’d like.

We thank you. We hope you like our new album and will be glad to see you at the release show.