Greetings from Metal Invader Anders! It’s been a long since our last talk. As Sorcerer were reborn with The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross I see that things turn really good for you and Time now seems to be on your side…hopefully! A sophomore album that the audience and the Press definitely loved it and a bright future ahead…?
– We really hope so, the future is what you make of it !

How would you compare The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross and The Crowning Of The Fire King? What would you change on any of them?
– In the shadow… was our first album and with new members in the band so that of course was a change from the past. It also made it exiting and fresh. We wrote the songs over a long period and we didn’t have a record deal when we started. We decided that we wanted a sound that was organic and that had ”big” drums. The guitars was not that distorted as in other modern heavy music of today. Over all a touch of the old sound but with a modern twist in solos and melodies.

The Crowning… the music was written buy Johnny, Kristian and Peter which wasn’t the case of In the shadow… Peter joined the band as we started recording it, replacing Ola Englund. So this is a big difference from the first album. We have a more dynamic songwriting with Peter contributing with his take on doom. You still hear it’s the same band but there are some songs that have a more progressive  feel to them. For The Crowning.. we also choose a more modern sound , more in your face kind of sound and we re very happy with the outcome of the album. Mixed by the genius Mr Ronnie Björnström who also mixed the first album.

Can you tell us more about the lyrical inspiration behind your lyrics?
– The writing of the lyrics always starts with the title of the song and the title is important to kick the lyrics in the right direction. Sorcerer have always been about the epic and grandiose so the lyrics are filled with adventure, Sirens, mythology, knights and medieval fantasy content. Inspiration comes from movies, books and history. I don’t consider our lyrics to be fine culture, it’s more important that they sound good to the music and melodies we write.

Which is the biggest challenge you haven’t took as an artist so far and you think that once in your life you will have to face it?
– Age!!!! ha ha, I turn 50 soon and it’s not getting easier to sing or remember the lyrics 🙂

You are coming to Greece, this time on Crete on a small but strong Doom festival. How important is to support the underground?
– Sorcerer plays where people want to hear and see us. We focus on that and having a good time, underground or not.

You will share the stage with some great bands yet still not big names. Of course you have played with many big names in the past. After so many years in the music industry do you prefer big venues, big names, or is it all the same for you?
– For us as a band that do not tour very much I think it’s better to play the festivals with bigger audience. When you play a festival there is always someone who never heard us and for us that is important, to find new fans. But we play smaller clubs too so I can say we like both.

Who would you love to play with in the future?
– Candlemass would be super cool, otherwise I have no favorites, we play for the people that come to our shows.

How do you feel about the worldwide Doom scene today?
– It has grown lately which is good for us, we are a band that is on the more hard rock/heavy metal side of doom so we appeal to the general metal scene too.

Are there any new bands that you could recommend to us?
– I don’t listen to very much new doom or metal, I like the old stuff 🙂
I have a wide taste in music from opera to jazz to soul to hard rock, I love music.

Your fans in Greece really love the band, so do you have message for them? What should they expect from your show in Crete?
– Sorcerer are psyched to go to Crete and play! We will give our fans a night to remember for a long long time. There will be songs never played live before and some classics from previous shows. Be there or be doomed!!!

The closing is yours.
– Thank you hope to see you in Crete!