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Those of us that were saddened by the disbanding of Vomitory a few years ago, found shelter in Cut Up a short while ago. The band, which consists by 2/4 of ex-Vomitory members, has just released its first Lp “Forensic Nightmares”. Andreas Björnson volunteered to give us some feedback… Enjoy!!!

Cheers from Greece! How are things going?

Cheers from Grums! All good here, thanks for asking.

Give us in short the background story of the teaming up of Cut Up. 

Tobben and Erik decided shortly after the death of Vomitory that they had to keep playing together. Anders had been a stand-in musician for Vomitory quite a few times over the years so he knew the guys well, and he’s a killer guitarist. I, Andreas, had been annoying T & E at gigs here and there, and my other band played with them at one occasion. They were looking for a singer/guitarist and that’s how I was brought into the fold.


Who is responsible for the music and the lyrics? Do you follow a standard songwriting process?

We’re all part of the creative process. On Forensic Nightmares I wrote 7 songs, Tobben two and Anders two. Erik is the main lyricist, he wrote the lyrics for 9 songs and I wrote the other two. As for the songwriting, and I can only speak for myself of course, I have to be in the right kind of mood with a heavy guitar sound to get creative. It all starts with a brutal riff and from there the songs basically write themselves.

The album’s sound is solid as hell. Where did the recordings take place and who did you work with?

Everything was recorded at Big Balls Studios in Karlstad, engineered by Mats Lindström with additional help from Fredrik Färninger and Több Olausson. The mixing/mastering process was handled by Ronnie Björnström of Garageland Studios. We are tremendously satisfied with the result.

Only a short while after the release of your album, you already have shot and released two video clips. Now, for me, that’s a sign of hard-work and that Cut Up are here to stay! Give us some feedback on the videos…

Having videos on Youtube is basically the best way to get one’s music spread across the interwebs. And having TWO videos for the first album is quite a statement. So we teamed up with a guy named Joakim Spetsmark and his colleague (goddamnit, I can’t remember his name right now. Sorry pal.) in Arvika for both clips. The video for “Burial Time” is all black, intense and down to the point. The video for “A Butchery Improved” is more of a blood orgy with a gigantic butcher who’s basically dismembering all of us in the band. I think that Jocke did a fantastic job with both of them, so check em’ out!


The album title and artwork seem to me to have some hidden irony. Is that true? Who is responsible for the artwork by the way?

It’s Death Metal, so there’s no irony here mate. The title/concept was something Erik came up with. That guy sure has some ideas I can tell you that, haha! The artwork was created by Lukasz Jaszak, he has worked with Decapitated, Vomitory etc before, so we knew we could expect the best from him. And yet he blew us away with this reeking pile of human fragment.

What is the feedback you’ve been getting for “Forensic Nightmares” from the press and the fans?

Overwhelmingly good and rightfully so. It seems that people still crave for brutal Death Metal and we are here to deliver it.

Let’s be honest, Cut Up resemble Vomitory a lot. I’d say that for the fans of the disbanded group, like me, “Forensic Nightmares” was like a godsend gift. What are your feelings towards this comparison?

Considering that the two most influential members of that band are in Cut Up, it’s inevitable. Both of them have played this kind of music for nearly 25 years so I guess you develop your own sound and style after such a long time. Vomitory was a great influence to me personally and one of the best bands to ever grace the earth, so I don’t really bother with the comparisons.

Cut Up member’s bio is big, so that would attract a lot of interest from labels. How did you decide to sign with Metal Blade and how are things going up to this point?

I guess it fell into place naturally, seeing as Vomitory had been working with them for so many years before. To me, Metal Blade is the best record label out there and they are treating us really, really well. We couldn’t be happier with the collaboration.

Recently you threw a release party in Karlstad, Sweden with you performing live. How did that go?

I think all of us in the band agree that it was a complete victory. When we hit the stage, it felt as if we had played together as a live-act for more than a decade. Nifelheim and Puteraeon played as well so the people of Karlstad were in for a real treat that night. Great success!


Will you be doing any open festivals this summer? Any plans for a tour after summer?

There are a lot shows being booked as we speak, but I can’t give you anything as of now because they are not official yet. But we WILL be playing around the world fairly soon. Check our website at for upcoming tour dates etc. Gig-announcements will follow shortly.

Seems to me that Sweden has fell short of new brutal death metal bands the last few years, while in the U.S. they come by the dozen. Do you feel that too? 

I agree completely. And the new bands of Sweden today just sound like a poor copy of Autopsy, it’s incredibly boring. I wish I could namedrop just one new and brutal band from Sweden but I really can’t. Hey, now that I think about it, yes I can! FETUS STENCH!!!

Thanks a lot for this interview! Any message for the Greek fans?

Thanks for a great interview! Our new album FORENSIC NIGHTMARES is out worlwide, go buy it! Hopefully we’ll see you front row in Greece soon. Cheers!