Welcome back to Invader! How are things lately?

Very good, thank you, all is fine.

Last time we talked was during the release of your previous album “Penalty by Perception”. How did you spend the years since that and the latest “The Face of Fear”?

Well, a couple of tours, writing – obviously – and a few videos too. Otherwise I think we had a time with some big highs, but also a few lows. We won a whole four awards for “Penalty by Perception” but we also saw a struggle for keeping the band going. Michael Bastolm Dahl was unable to attend two tours, which was quite hurtful to him, but in the midst of all that, the band came through stronger in the end.

It’s now been a year since the album was released. How has it sinked in to the metal community and what is the overall feedback?

Well, not an entire year, but we are getting close hehe. The overall feedback has been really good and positive, so that have been a real thrill. Regarding the metal community I luckily feel that we are once again embraced and feel at home wherever we go. So we couldn’t be happier really!

You have been really active the last decade. What caused this refresh of inspiration to write more material?

I think that finding people who enjoy touring, having found Metal Blade as a consistent and reliable label and simply this feeling of, that this is what you want to do as much as possible. Being creative and getting so much positive feedback all the time makes you go smile and wanting to continue.

How did you make the decision to re-record “Mind of No Return”? It is a track featured in the band’s very first demo in 1982.

We had been talking about rerecording old demo tracks before and this time around it just fit in. “Mind of no Return” has this sort of “punky” feel to it and this album is maybe a bit more straightforward, so we agreed to do the track.

Is there any specific concept behind “The Face of Fear”? And how is that connected to the cover art?

Once we “feared tomorrow”, now we face an everyday which brings fear and troubled thoughts to mind. We live in troubled times, politically and environmentally – especially environmentally. We are going to fry, starve and fight over water and resources very soon – in fact we are already! We now live in the future that Lemmy warned and told us about. We are doomed my friends. That, in many ways, is the concept behind the album. The artwork was done without the album in mind – it just luckily turned out to be completely fitting for the album!

Since there has been Artillery albums every 2-3 years since 2009, is there new songs that you are working on these months?

You always write, but as of now, we don’t have anything specific going.

Are you following the current state of thrash metal, and is the Danish scene active this time period?

These days are the golden autumn of the legendary thrash bands, so that obviously affects us, but we keep an eye on the new bands as well. The Danish scene is thriving these years, so that is great! A lot of diversity and talent.

As a band with legendary albums in the 80’s and 1990, in what ways do you think you have evolved with your more recent releases?

I think we have evolved in the sense that we keep on writing relevant and good material. We believe in our place in the music-scene and that we would be sorry not to be doing what we are doing – and probably others would too.

There are a couple of live shows coming up in Greek soil. What should we expect from these gigs? Any classic tracks from your back catalog?

Classics tracks will certainly be a part of the setlist – so no worries! Obviously we will do more recent stuff as well, but it will be a fine mix of it all.

Apart from the concerts, are there any upcoming plans for the band that you could share?

We might do another video. Otherwise I think we are just going to do gigs hehe

Thanks for your time, see you in a few days live. The last comments are yours!

Well, alright! – Thank you all for your time, support and awesome ways! We in Artillery are so grateful and we can’t wait to play for you guys, have a beer and just have good time!

Rock on, stay happy, metal and awesome!