Right before they hit the stage with the iconic Septicflesh, Beyond The Existence from Thessaloniki exchanged a few words with Metal Invader over their own perspective of the music industry.

Welcome to Metal Invader guys, it’s a great pleasure. Your debut record, “The Silent Mourning”, was out in 2016. Any thoughts on it so far?

The feedback has been great. We have received positive vibes from promoters, webmagazines and the audience of course, something that has helped us a lot throughout our journey in order to get where we are right now. There have been some negative comments as well but they have helped us too in some way. We are also satisfied with the sellings, since we are aware that people are not that much into bying CDs anymore.

Which are your influences?

We have various music tastes as people, individually. There is however a common ground when it comes to Dark Tranquility, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy and Death. We all put our own spices to our music.

You have appeared on stage with some legendary bands, such as Moonspell and Testament. What experiences have you gained from those shows?

We had the chance to stare the stage with those legends as you said indeed; they are bands we have been extremely fond of since a very young age. We had the chance to listen to their advice and to understand the reason those people are where they are at the moment. Those experiences are for a lifetime.

During your appearance with Testament in 2016, there has been great controversy, since the two bands’ genre are not that close. What do you have to say about it?

Metalheads are a big family. There are no descriminations on stage; either if it’s thrash, death, heavy or whatever. For us, it’s all metal. There are no labels needed to enjoy a show.

You have been on stage with Moonspell, during your participation on a big festival abroad. What has been the audiences’ reponse in other countries? Are foreign audiences better than in Greece?What do you think is to blame for that?

It’s a completely different scenario. Bulgaria’s audience was a different one as wel. It has nothing to do with the country, it has to do with the people mostly.

Would you ever consider leaving Greece to pursue a career with Beyond The Existence?

We definitely would. This is our goal, after all.

It’s an undeniable fact that Thessaloniki’s local stage is not as active as the Athenian one. There are actually really few active local bands.Are there any bands from Thessaloniki you would like to give a shoutout to?

I don’t know if I have completely understood the term “shoutout”, yet I would recommend Egelados and Sudden Death for sure.

Which do you think has been the band’s greatest and worst moments so far?

The best ones are definitely our shows with Moonspell and Testament. I cannot say between those two which has been greater. Negative times are when a member decides to leave the band, even if it’s a common or a personal choice.

When it comes to the hellenic metal scene in general, there are people claiming that when a band has a lust and a will to achieve great things, surely can make a living out of their music. Meanwhile, a big percentage is in fond of the exact opposite. What is your opinion over this?

It depends on the genre. Greek metal bands aren’t being that promoted. This is unfortunate indeed, there are some gems in our scene, along with a huge fanbase. But if you want to make a living out of your music, you should pursue an international career, abroad. You can do it, there are bands that have succeeded. You just have to take your music anywhere, as much as you can. Eventually, it will happen!

You recently conducted a greek tour. What was the audience’s response?

Definitely much warmer than the Thessaloniki and Athens one. I don’t know the reason, but our smaller gigs were a complete highlight.

You are due to appear on stage with Septicflesh at the Principal Club in Thessaloniki. What are your expectations?

First of all, this should be a night we will all enjoy. It will also be a great lesson for us as well, just like the ones with Testament and Moonspell.

What are your future plans?

They are a lot, we have to admit. We should take out our next album “Thoughts through the imagination”. Then we will pursue a contract, a music video, some fewer live concerts both in Greece and abroad, while we are due to participate in a festival in Ukraine. We are trying to get this thing we call “Beyond The Existence” at the top of the world.

The last words are yours…

When you want something, you can achieve it if you try and sacrifice a lot to get it right. That’s all!