Good evening Orpheus, how are you?

Good evening George! First of all, thank you very much for your invitation, and this interview! Well, that’s a question that you cannot truly answer, in 2021! Nevertheless, I’ m doing quite well, given the circumstances.

First of all, congratulations on your new album, I wish all the best! Being already familiar with your new material, I‘ve been stunned by your voice. Could you present us a bit Bitter Loss?

Thank you very much my friend, it’s an honor. Throughout quarantine and covid, given the unprecedented of it all, we ended up forming Bitter Loss. Fanis and I have been friends for years, and every conversation we had about music ended up with the idea of us playing together. Unfortunately, because of the distance and several obligations, this never happened so far. So when we entered quarantine last March, the timing was finally right. I worked for many hours. Fanis, on the other hand, was on hold from work, so we were both quite pissed off, as situation was getting even worse. Thus, we started exchanging riffs in order to deal with all this fucked up situation. The first thing we wrote, in a glimpse, was quite encouraging so our project, i.e. writing from distance, as long as it worked, started rolling and we went we the flow.

How difficult is to collaborate musically with such a distance, to wit Thessaloniki (Orpheus) – Nafplio (Fanis)?

Truth is, that until I saw it in practice, in my mind sounded impossible somehow. In fact, all you need is appetite. Although we did not have creative time in a studio to play and we were taking our time completing our tracks, with patience and good mood we actually did it. Songwriting procedure was quite difficult due to the distance, because we had to write and send to each other every idea back and forth, until all pieces were completed. That lead to a bit of delay. Well it’s been a year and an album already, so I believe that the most difficult of all is sharing even our joy via a phone call, and not in person, since we haven’t yet had the chance listening to it together.

I guess that band’s name is inspired by Entombed?

To be precise, it’s stolen haha. Listening to this song on the Left Hand Path, we said why not? At the same time, in distant Russia someone had the same idea with us. Imagine that with a tiny time difference, a bands’ album of the same name was released. It’s like luck!

How much has LG influenced you, and what is considered to be his legacy, in your opinion?

There is no fan of this music not paying their debts to LG. As far as his voice is concerned, he has definitely influenced me a lot. It’s inevitable in a way you know, when you hear him sing, you think he’s about to bite the microphone. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to see him live, neither him nor his nasal discharges (snouts) on stage!

Mixed thrash, punk, hardcore and death metal. If someone isn’t yet familiar with you guys, which other bands would you say you are more alike musically?

I think we have mixed a lot of things in our sound, so I don’t think it’s that clear with which bands we are closer to. I would maybe say Power Trip, Sodom, Sepultura, and Benediction. I hope they won’t step into this interview haha. The funny thing is that our first attempt was to do something reminiscent of Body Count, I think the idea of us grooving, was more unsuccessful than the government’s pandemic management plan haha.

Having a rich biography, both you Orpheus (Freefall, Concrete Bastards, Άλλος Κόσμος and Miasmal Sabbath), and Fanis (Σύγκρουση), but at the same time so diverse, which is bitter loss’ Everest?

Throughout all this process we had quite a good time, and musically found a common path, and even after having completed the album, we still have inspiration and appetite to go on. Our plans are releasing an Ep at the beginning of the upcoming year and then work on another full length. I think that September quarantine will drown us again with plenty of appetite for art, and no appetite for living the life, so our project is damned to succeed!

What about lyrics themes in your debut?

We hope lyrics didn’t show that we were re-examined in English haha. I think the source of inspiration was the quarantine and the problems derived from it. We created an angry character in our minds and captured his thoughts. From the fear of loss, to psychological discomfort caused by this new reality.

What does the title of the album “Division 631” stands for?

The title of the album refers to the 631 kilometers’ distance that’s in between us, and kept us, erroneously though, from writing music together for so many years.

Given not only the distance between you, but also the pandemic that still affects humanity, are there any thoughts of live performances?

Pandemic affects every aspect of our lives and the concerts are off the table still. Certainly for most bands, but also for the fans, having a year to enjoy live shows, is something they had never imagined that would have happened! However, we are another case. Regardless pandemic, the live shows are difficult to take place due to our heavy schedules and luck of time, not allowing us to travel outside our cities. Whenever possible we should take advantage and organize a live event. To be honest, I think chances are not towards us.

Where can we get your album?

Currently from Angry Owl Records that released the album, and from us as well.

The floor is yours, thank you for your time!

Thanks again for the invitation. I’m just hoping that in future flashbacks will only remain that music saved us! Strength to all!