As an introduction i’ll use the words of Crystal Latsara from her review for the Black Hat Bones’ album ‘Born In Thunder’…”I don’t think that an introduction is necessary here. Black Hat Bones is a heavy rock band from Athens(roots from Sparta), that whomever is close to the scene has definetely saw them live once or twice and remained satisfied.”

Hello, hello! I welcome you to Metal Invader and since a new year just began, I wish that you rock us for lots of years to come. But let’s begin… and since we are talking about the new year that is ahead of us, did you make any resolution lists? What would you change and what would you keep from 2017? What are your thoughts and expectations?

Since we are people who work only under pressure of deadlines and difficult situations, we wouldn’t change a single thing. There were some ups and downs of course, but those happen to everyone. Without those ups and downs, we wouldn’t be in this place releasing a new EP with new music. We hope to keep working on the same pattern despite the obstacles (without them, we wouldn’t appreciate the good ones), since we are living one of the most mature and productive period of our 9 year career.

Just like every year, all music magazines from around the world launched lists with their favorite albums of the year that just left us. So what would you put in that list of yours for the best albums of 2017?

A list including music from both our country and abroad is:

Royal Blood – Lights Out

Death From Above – Outrage! Is Now

Puta Volcano – Harmony of Spheres

The Bronx – ‘V’

Whereswilder – Hotshot

New year….new album! You are a band with a strong on stage performance that especially in your last album Born In Thunder you’ve managed to pass that energy also in studio. What should we expect from your upcoming EP that you present it at AN Club in a few days?

New songs, new challenges. It’s like a follow-up to the Born In A Thunder’s atmosphere, but with a different approach. In The Ghost Bites Back EP which is due out on mid January, you’ll find everything we need to say in this period in time, so we look forward to present it live.

Why an EP and not a full studio album? When do you think you are going to release one?

We just needed to make some new music and play a few new tracks. Born in A Thunder is still fresh, so the EP managed to keep the band ‘alive’ and not still. As for the new full-studio album, we don’t think it will take that long.

What is your composing procedure like? Tell us about it.

We all have different music tastes in the band, but the think that connects us is the mutual aesthetics. Sometimes, during rehearsals, someone comes up with something new, that came up at the time or had that thought before. So, if we like the idea, we focus on it and work to make the best out of it. In this family we work together.

We are being through some nostalgic times for sure. Cassetes are back, while Guns n Roses’ tour is one of the most successful and profitable tours of all times for a second year now in music industry in general. Why do you think this whole nostalgia dominates?

In this era there is an over-information in music as with just a single click, we can find an immense amount of new releases. The thing is though that we don’t listen as much new music as we think we do and this justifies all these reunions. We miss those times when we would buy a CD and didn’t know what to expect, so one misses those times. We are even indifferent that our heroes of the past hit the big bucks. Music industry is music industry as always has been. Maybe we just want our lost innocence back.

Despite the huge economic crisis in our country, there is a great amount of concerts booked. The promoters are complaining about the low pre-sales or attendances, while the audience complains for the high ticket prices. What is exactly going on?

The truth is subjective so frankly it’s a matter of perspective actually. It’s definitely a positive thing that there is so much music out there, in Greece and abroad, it’s a good thing that concerts are booked and it’s definitely a bad thing that the tickets in some cases are over-priced. It’s a good thing that people search for new music and listens to it and it’s definitely a bad thing that they are not attending many concerts. But our points differ! So even my answer might be a false one in the end as many others on that matter.

You work and live in Greece, so you come face to face every day with the political chaos. Have you ever thought of writing about politics?

We live. That means that not everything is politics. There are some good stuff and some bad ones. We are obviously politicized and we have our opinions on the matter but we rather write about life in general.

What exactly means being in the underground scene?

To be in the underground scene is to be self-made, to know and remember always your starting point. It’s not about a certain lifestyle, neither about the music genre you play. If you pay to make your own music, your rehearsals and pay for your gigs and all, you are in the underground scene. In the other hand if managed to perform in bigger venues, well then good for you. This doesn’t make you less “Underground”, just a hard worker.

That’s it. We hope to catch you at the An Club on January 19th. Let’s close the interview with a ninja kick!

Happy New Year to everybody, may this be a year full of love, smiles, music and orange juice! Because like that!