Good evening from Greece guys! I’m Crystal from Metal Invader. How are things rolling right now for you?

It’s going kind of awesome for us! Till we moved to Liepaja, we work 100% on music. That’s our dream staring to become reality. So we do our best for that, none of us knows how our future will look like, but that’s part of the challenge, and it’s fun as well.

Your debut album “Storms & Shades” came out in 2016, while the band was formed in 2012. Why such a big time gap? Did you feel the need to focus as much as possible on this record in order to pull out a good presentation of Black Light’s sound?

Not really, we guess stuff came by itself. And this is way more explainable by the fact 2012’s Black Light was a complete different band compared to “Storms and Shades’” one, with the only remaining members to be founders Nicholas and Mattia Casarin (respectively the guitarist and the drummer of the band). The band’s musical style was different as well. It started from an alternative rock/hardrock band which then evolved into a thrash metal one. Then, “Storms and Shades” signed the beginning of our turn to metalcore. Some records were made before it, but this album was the first one to be officially published. Because we thought it was the first which really represented us and the music we play.

Which are your main inspirations?

Our main inspirations are mostly metalcore bands from this last decade. We talk about guys like Asking Alexandria, Miss May I and Architects. Then we recently inspired ourselves also from Division, Bad Omens and I Prevail. We are keep changing our musical style, and trying to shape it the way it could fit us the best.

“Set Yourself Ablaze” is your new studio effort, which is due to be out within 2018. This time, with Sliptrick Records. How did this collaboration come up?

Everything started when music producer Francesco Frilli, which created Emergenza Festival in Italy, got some stuff from our first album by our drummer Mattia. He then proposed us to record our new EP in his studio. We, of course accepted. Then had two choices. Sliptrick Records was of course the best one and we immediately chose it. Those guys raise us between the music business in an amazing way. We owe a lot to them.

Since we already got a first taste on this E.P from the “Map Of Truth” single, I sense some small differences between this one and your debut. Was this change of style planned or just occurred during the compositional procedure? What was the initial plan?

With “Set Yourself Ablaze”, and “Map Of Truth” as well, we wanted our sound to get deeper into metalcore’s “breakdown’s” side. We also wanted the EP to have a main sound that could be found in every song, this is not really “Storms and Shades”s case, which is more an album where we were trying to find ourself as we were in a cross between many musical styles. “Set Yourself Ablaze” is the most solid and united record we have. That’s probably the main difference compared to our previous records.

Italy has a bunch of great bands to be proud of in the metal scene; from the horror metal pioneers Death SS to the veterans of Lacuna Coil. Are there any other bands from Italy you admire and think they deserve a bigger recognition?

There’s a lot of! Unfortunately in Italy audience is not really the best for growing bands, and for metal bands as well, cover bands are way more ppopular there. But that doesn’t means Italy’s not full of great talented metal artists. We could mention James Payne, former Hour Of Penance’s drummer, that guy is so skilled that when Mattia showed us his video we instantly got caught. Then there’s a growing metalcore band we like a lot. Those guys are called Moderntears’ and come from Toscana. We really wish they will gain the recognition they deserve!

It’s a fact that most metalheads of today are somehow narrow-minded when it comes to Metalcore, not considering it as a subgenre of metal at all. Did you find your musical change from thrash metal to metalcore a little risky?

Our thrash metal experience has been too short to really talk about that. Everything just came and took the shape it took by itself. By the way, we don’t really give a fuck about those thoughts. We do what we feel, we play what comes outta our hearts. Some people could like it, some other could not. We don’t care about how the genre is seen, we’re just very grateful to the people who like our music, and don’t really hate the ones who could see it as “not real metal”. It’s just an opinion, and we’re used that other opinions could not match ours. We just welcome everybody who could listen to us and like our sisters and brothers.

Are there any live appearances marked in Black Light’s calendar in the near future?

The next scheduled appearance is at Tapper Club, in Tallinn, Estonia. We will have the chance to open Betraying The Martyrs’ live show. It’s a honor for us, and we’re pretty excited about that.

Other than that, what does the future hold for the band?

We’ re keep writing new stuff. It’s gonna sound different from “Set Yourself Ablaze” and “Storms And Shades” as well. We are doing our best to improve ourselves and trying to innovate our sound in every new song we write.

That’s all folks; ti ringraziamo per il tempo che ci dedichi! Any last words?

We thank Metal invader for making this interview for us! Your guys are amazing and we’re really glad you found interest in us and our music. So, to everyone who could listen to us, take a look at Metal Invader, we love them!!!