Metal Invader’s affection towards the underground scene and especially towards those who want to keep getting themselves and the scene in general better, is one of the constants that rule this Earth. Getting to know these bands and artists better through interviews is a fact as well. So, bearing that in mind, we came in contact with a fresh band from Thessaloniki called Blackstone Puppets. Just a few days before hitting the local stage, Blackstone Puppets answered our questions and allowed us to peak behind the curtain. 

Good morning, I’m very happy to be hosting you in Metal Invader! It is our pleasure to give a step to the new voices of the scene. Are you all right? Are you ready for your upcoming gig at Eightball Club?

We are all fine! We are in a very creative period as we preparing our next live appearance at Eightball.

Speaking about this show, what have you prepared for your crowd and what should those who have not seen you on stage yet expect from you?

We are ready to go on stage with a refreshed set. Those who have not seen us yet should expect a full of energy-packed and rock ‘n’ roll look! The rest you on stage!

How did Blackstone Puppets come to life? Whose idea was it and what were your original goals?

The idea of ​​the band came from a project that was envisioned by Kirk and BB, which in the process progressed into our first “Super Power Vein”. After a lot of work came out a very nice result that pushed us to take it one step further and create the band. As Blackstone Puppets we are active since April 2016 and after some changes our line up is : Alice (Vocals), Kirk (Lead Guitar), BB (Rhythm Guitar), Lucky (Bass) and Woodie (Drums). Unfortunately for health reasons, Lucky will not be able to attend the Eightball live, but our good friend Dimitris Metallinos will cover his place.

Musically you embrace a variety of sounds and you can be categorized in many genres. If you could describe Blackstone Puppets’ sound in a few words, what would that be?

The kind we play would be described as Hard Rock (& ​​Roll), while our sound includes both old school and more modern rock elements and we are trying, by mixing these 2, to create our own special sound.

Why Blackstone Puppets? How did you end up with this name?

This is a funny story. First, let’s note that our common element is that we all are freaks with puppets, porcelain dolls, chapels, clowns, etc., so Puppets surely was a must word to be in the name of the band. Various ideas have been said, such as Black Pumpkin Puppets, and at some stage we went out for beer, Kirk threw the idea of ​​the name Blackstone Puppets, which we liked, it fitted well and we decided to keep it.

What about your lyrics, their themes and is there any message you want to promote?

Our lyrical themes are not limited to certain concepts and are not specific, resulting from various situations. So far they have to do with Rock & Roll situations (alcohol, parties, nights and drugs) as in our tracks “Stoned Alice” and “Beer In My Veins”. But we have also written ballads like “Forsaken” but also more dynamic that they aim at, to make the listener think about some issues, perhaps to awaken him, like the “Super Power Vein”.

As far as I know, correct me if I’m wrong, up to now, you’ve just released a demo. Are there any plans for a full length release? Shall that be soon?

There are some completed tracks that will be in our upcoming EP. We plan to record them in the summer, and they will be released later in the year. However, there is more material that we are working on.

You recently filmed a video clip, judging from your publications in social media. When do you plan on release it?

In fact, yes, we are still shooting the video clip, which will be our first single from EP.

What are your near future plans? What does the future holds for the band?

We want to finish the shooting of the video clip and the recordings of our upcoming EP and from the new season we are thinking of doing a mini-tour in Greece!

Thank you for your time! The closing is yours, with a message to our readers perhaps?

A message we would like to give to your readers is that we should reduce the time we spend on electronic devices and social media and do not forget to actually live our time in Earth. That’s why you should not stop laughing, living, being real and of course going to concerts!


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