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Welcome to Metal Invader, can you give as a short bio of the band?

Boneyard were formed by Teethsmasher at the end of 2014 as a black/speed metal one man band mostly influenced by bands like Venom, Bathory, Razor, Gehennah, Midnight etc. In 2015 they recorded their first demo “Taking Over” while later in 2017 and with a more complete line up they released their first EP “Below Mediocrity” from German label Witches Brew and the same year they released a split with Brazilian band Arma, entitled “Beer studs and metal punks” by the Greek Chainsaw Distro. They have their first album ready and it is going to be released in the next year, when they have also many shows planned already.

Last year Boneyard released a strong split with Arma, how did this collaboration happen?

The whole thing had to do with Chainsaw Distro which was interested in releasing a tape for us in 2017 and since they were already working with Arma they put forth the idea for this split, which we accepted with joy!

When should we expect your debut album? Are you preparing something in the near future?

The recordings for the album are practically finished and the only thing that remains is the mastering and closing a deal with a new label.

Boneyard, really who and how did he come up with that name?

In general, the name was inspired in a period when we were full on into the old school horror aesthetics through old classic horror b-movies and various rockabilly/psychobilly bands.

What are your dreams for the band? What do you expect the future to bring?

No dreams, sleep is for the weak, hahaha. As for the future, there are no special plans, we are just doing something we like and this is enough for us. Of course we are open to any suggestion and from that point on, whatever comes.

If you should name three records that have influenced the sound of the band the most, which would they be?

Gehennah – Hardrocker, Razor – Evil Invaders, Venom – Welcome to Hell, kind of predictable I would say.

Your 5 most favourite records?

I don’t have 5 favourite ones, for sure I can name many that I would say that they are favourite from different kinds of metal and not only, hahaha. So, it’s a very difficult question to answer, unless we restrict ourselves in each genre.

Greek scene? Do you update yourself in regards to it? Are there any bands that stand out according to your opinion and you think they could do something more? A band that you would suggest to your friend from abroad?

For sure there are bands that deserve something more, especially in such a strong scene. Some of them are Dead Congregation, Ravencult, Slaughtered Priest, Raw Poison (one man band), Death Trap, Violent Definition and from the new ones for sure Vicious Knights that started off forcefully with their recent first ‘Ep. I could mention many more, but the list would be too long, so I stop here!

In which other bands do the members of Boneyard participate?

In many, hahahaha. With our new completed line up there is Death Trap, Foul Entity, Fair Fight and some other projects that are not realized yet.

What should we wait from the band for Forces of Hades Festival?

Fast, dark and fierce metal with a setlist that will contain old and new songs from our upcoming record and not only!