Breath After Coma are about to perform at New Long Festival and Metal Invader took the opportunity to talk about their future plans.

Hi guys, welcome to Metal Invader! I hope all is well!

Hello to you too! We’re in the middle of a summer full of live concerts so yes, we’re fine.

As i begun writing this interview, I put on “Make Amends” and I immediately kind of thought, if there is anyone you’ve hurt and want to make it up to him?

This track was initially called Bad Love, then changed to Bad Blood and finally ended up as Make Amends. No, we haven’t hurt anyone but if we have, then I presume this track is our apology.

“Make Amends” is the first single off your new record, due to be out sometime in the future. What should we expect this time from you? Is there anything different?

Yes, Make Amends is the teaser for our new album. The only thing I can say for sure is that it’s going to sound more “live”, if you know what I mean. “Leaders” is a more “studio” work, a little more shiny. It’s not bad but we want people to think that they’re actually seeing us live the moment they listen to the album.

Has the recording procedure come to an end yet? Do you have any clue on the release date, the title? Do you have anything to say on it?

No, it hasn’t even started yet. Probably by the end of August or beginnings of September, we will start the pre production, which will be done by the end of the year. There’s no rush, we want it to be perfect, just how we have it in mind. There’s not also a title yet, even though there are a few ideas available for now..we’ll see!We’re working on it to. Everything’s on “stand-by”.

You keep on doing live appearances quite often. Is this the most direct way for you to show what you’re made of and keep a close contact with your audience?

Live appearances are the most important part of the band, the only reason to make a band in the first place. So yes, it is the most direct way, if not the only one.

You’re due to play at the New Long Festival. I presume we are going to hear some new songs too, right?

Yes, we will do a few new ones. We should start playing those too!

Many music mags keep on talking about the death of garage, indie rock for many years now. What was to blame for that, you think?

There’s no death in music for us. Every music genre goes through an intense period and then a silent one. Music is a circle. Every genre has it ups and downs, that’s how is goes. The fans and the audiences decide on what should be heard every time.

Since there are some elements of stoner in your sound, I can’t help but ask you how come didn’t you give in to the temptation of creating another stoner group, since it’s a thing for Greece nowadays.

It just didn’t happen. There was a period in Greece when each and every musical group played fuzz/stoner! We don’t want to put labels in our music, everyone is free to do it themselves. We play alternative for some people, grunge for others, everything is welcome here, haha!

The greek rock scene is however at its finest right now. Do you think the internet helped in that, at how things work for the bands? What is the main reason for you?

There are so many nice groups that have nice things to say. Also, there are the proper specs to create something that it’s going to be heard; organized studios, better live stages, the bar is high. The hellenic rock scene as you said keeps on rising, and it’s going to be like that with the internet’s help; it helps more people contact our music. We have people from S. Arabia, China, Australia that got to know our music, which is something we couldn’t even image before. There’s nothing to be jealous of from foreign scenes. It’s a matter of timing; I’m sure there’s going to be a time where our country’s scene will become the centre of Europe.

That’s all from us, see you at the New Long Fest. Any last words?

New Long Fest is now an ordinance and we’re happy to be a part of it. So take on your water, sunglasses, hats and suncare creams because it’s going to be two long days full of great music. See you there, people!