It hasn’t been a long time since Cauldron stepped back on their feet after a terrible accident during their U.S. tour with Enforcer, while there hasn’t also been long since the release of their latest effort “New Gods”. Thus we spoke with Ian Chains, of Cauldron, who was willing to answer a few questions regarding the band’s current status and how things roll for them after this event.

Greetings guys, it’s a pleasure to have you with us!

Thanks for having us!

“New Gods” is your latest studio effort, due to be released in about a week. What should we expect from Cauldron’s sound this time, in comparison to 2016’s “In Ruin”?

In our minds, better production, better performances and a more refined approach to the songwriting.  We’re quite pleased with the album, as we were with “In Ruin” when it came out, but we’re always trying to improve upon all elements.

Let’s get a little back, to 2006, when the band was created, Heavy Metal was not at its peak back then, as it is now. Weren’t you afraid that such an effort would be a little risky?

Back in 2006 we were just playing music inspired by what we were fans of at the time.  It was primarily music for ourselves, we weren’t considering how people would react to it or if they would even care!  But yeah, back then there were a lot fewer bands playing this kind of music.

2007’s EP “Into The Cauldron”, along with “Chained To The Night”, your first full length record is considered a classic, underground gem as of today, when it comes to the New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal sound, which has truly risen back out of its ashes! How do you feel about that? Had you ever thought that your first album would have such an impact on heavy metal’s comeback?

We don’t think of any of our albums as classics!  It’s difficult and insincere to have that opinion of your own material.  Honestly that album is hard for us to listen to, the production isn’t very good and the performances could be way better.  But if people like it and consider it to have an impact on bands that followed, that’s fine with us!

Right before Cauldron, there was this band called Goat Horn, with whom you’ve done several projects such as albums, demos, live albums etc. What happened to Goat Horn? They are broken up since 2011 as I’m aware of, but what led you to call it quits and create something new?

Goat Horn officially broke up in 2006 due to creative differences within the band, but has since reformed for a few shows here and there.  Cauldron formed a few months after Goat Horn broke up to pick up where things fell apart.  Ironically I think we have a lot of elements in the Cauldron sound now that are similar to the reason why Goat Horn broke up in the first place.

Last year you covered “Take This Torch” by Razor, paying off a tribute to the Canadian metal scene in a way. A huge scene indeed; Razor, Exciter, Helix and more recently Skull Fist, Striker, Axxion, Midnight Malice etc. Are you proud for being a part of such an iconic wave?

Yeah there are a lot of great bands from Canada that are quite inspiring to us.  It’s good to see that Exciter and Razor are still out there playing bigger and better shows.

Are there any Canadian bands you would probably suggest our readers, any bands you think they need more attention?

Listen to Freeways, great melodic hard rock/metal for fans of UFO, BOC, Thin Lizzy etc.  They only have a 7” out right now but there are big things coming from them soon.

Any new records you play on repeat in general? Not necessarily coming from Canada, haha.

Right now the newer records I’ve been listening to are Satan “Cruel Magic”, VOJD “The Outer Ocean”, Tribulation “Down Below” and Wytch Hazel “II: Sojourn”.

As of today, what are your favorite Cauldron songs and why? Is there any particular song, reminding you of particular things, a song that might be of a bigger importance than the others?

Well I suppose there on songs on the new album that I like a lot, just because I’m not sick of them yet.  For example “Never Be Found” and “Save The Truth”.  “Rapid City” reminds me of touring with Enforcer in 2009, good times there.  “Hold Your Fire” is also the first song that Jason, Myles and I wrote together which I think is pretty good!

Have there been any bad moments in the band so far?

The definite low point was flipping our van over in 2016.  But there’s always bad that comes with the good.  Stupid shit happens on tour all the time.

In 2014, you covered “Moonlight Desires” by Larry Gowan. What led you to that?

That was quite a big hit in Canada in the 80’s but it seems that no one has heard it elsewhere.  We’ve always liked that song since we were kids so we decided to try doing our own version of it.  Larry Gowan himself has heard it and gave the thumbs up which was very pleasing to us.

As of 2018, we see quite a nostalgic wave coming upon us; vinyls, old band reuniting, retro vibes are back, along with the revival wave of Tradional Heavy Metal, of which you’re a part of. What do you think makes today’s people, even young ones, attracted to the 80’s metal vibes?

80’s nostalgia is huge, but it’s funny that people would still rather listen to albums on Spotify than actually go out and buy it.  People who weren’t alive back then are attracted to the 80’s in general just because it seems that the quality of life was better back then.  The internet has ruined everything, and the world is fucked, so of course people long for the “simpler” times of the 80’s.

Greek fans have always been wild, according to many bands that have visited our country. Do you miss playing in Greece?

Yeahh, we played a couple shows in Athens in 2007 including the Up The Hammers festival.  It was a great time; I’ve never seen so much spandex in my life.  We’d love to come back eventually!

I think that’s it. I leave the epilogue on you.

Check out “New Gods” if you like melodic AOR inspired heavy metal.  We’re quite proud of this one so give ‘er a listen!  Cheers!