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A couple of days before their acoustic show with Ryan Roxie in Thessaloniki, we had a little chat with Crystal Tears’ drummer Chrisafis Tantanozis talkin’ about the band’s latest news.

Hello Chrisafis!

Hello, I hope everything is good in the Metal Invader Team!

The forthcoming acoustic show with Ryan Roxie on February 18th in Thessaloniki is the real reason we have this talk but we also really haven’t heard any news from you lately. Let’s take things from the beginning.

That’s right, we’ve been really busy after Hellmade’s release. Release parties, European tour, Greek headlining shows, Gus G. extended gigs, a participation in a Judas Priest cover in the tribute CD of Metal Hammer GR … we’ve really been busy as bee.

How did this event with this collaboration occurred on stage?

Ryan and i know each other some decade now through correspondence, but never managed to get together. I’m a big fan of Alice Cooper and therefore of Ryan, who plays with him for the last 20 years, while I know and appreciate also his further work with Slash’s Snakepit, Gilby Clarke, Roxie77 etc. There was a proposal for a collaboration since “Hellmade” already, but the timing wasn’t right at the time because their American tour with Iron Maiden was starting. However this time, while it still didn’t seem feasible – don’t forget that Alice Cooper is one of the most hard-touring artists – some time ago he called and said to me that they were on a break from touring and we could do it. After we’ve talked about it, we thought it would be very cool to come here for an acoustic show… so, yeah!

In your last album “Hellmade” you’ve collaborated with other artists. Should we expect something similar in your next job?

Definitely! We loved what happened with “Hellmade” and we had some thoughts about establishing it as an idea. Yes, there will be other collaborations apart from Ryan Roxie… all in their time….

Although you are a drummer beyond a music connoisseur in general, you also know how to play guitar. Ok, I’m not going to ask how you think Ryan Roxie is as a guitarist, I’m simply asking what it is that appeal to you in his playing?

His attitude! He is a fucking rocker and he is an extremely versatile musician. He feels incredibly comfortable on stage, whether we are talking about a small club or arenas and stadiums, his playing is clean while being in a sense an “old-school rockstar”.

How come you chose an acoustic show and not a normal show with electric guitars connected to amplifiers?

First things first, this is mainly Ryan’s show. In some parts our own Kostas Sotos (Crystal Tears) is going to come on stage, while some Crystal Tears tracks will be played on the videowall. This is the concept. We just said to do something completely different in our city this time as Crystal Tears in collaboration with one of the best bars in town, The Pub (Egypt 5, Ladadika). In fact, Ryan will be guest on our CD and we are doing a guest appearance in his exclusive acoustic show in Thessaloniki… ha, ha!

Do you have plans to record this show for a future release?

You’re quite right, yes, we have something in mind. There’s one thing sure, this show will be recorded.

Massacre Records,Crystal Tears,News,Greece,2016,Speed, Power Metal,

The acoustic live show is happening on a Saturday night without entrance fee at all! Is this a gift to your fans and friends? Or do you leave them extra cash in hand with the ultimate purpose for them to drink more and set on fire the party?

It is a gift from Crystal Tears to our fans and of course for The Pub’s friends! Sometimes a motion estimation is above money. And of course we encourage people to have a good time… it’s Saturday night and as once said by Bruce Dickinson… “to phone your friends, find a band and remember what it’s like having a good time again, just nodded our asses and find ourselves in the streets once again!” Just whoever drives, drink responsibly please!

What are your immediate plans for 2017?

Our goal is to finish the recordings of our new album, get it released and then to go on tour once again.

What would someone expect from your next album? Will you flirt again with the hard rock path or is there any other concept on your mind?

Music is huge, stimuli are many. As artists we have to progress while maintaining the identity of our group. Hmm… you see, it’s very interesting naming us as a hard rock band. Others consider us a power/thrash group and others tag us as a pure heavy metal group. See what I mean?

The closing is yours.

Thank you for the support, I hope to see you this Saturday, February 18th. Cheers!