Congratulations on your new album. I have to admit I was surprised. It is definitely better than your previous ones.

Thank you for your positive feedback and for accommodating us in your pages! I wish a good start to the now digital Metal Invader – I’m an old fan… :)!

How was the recording process?

It all began after we were done promoting our second album, we started working on new material. Demos by every band member, choosing riffs and then the pre-production. Along the way we had to face reconstructing our line-up while we were moving forward with our new material with the help of our producer, R.D. Liapakis in Germany. I wouldn’t say it was a peaceful and smooth procedure but I can certainly say it delivered. We paid attention to every detail from the beginning so that when we were heading to the Prophecy & Music Factory Studios we would be ready for our producer’s whipping… ha, ha! – preparation is everything.

How did you come to work with Soren Adamsen? Why did you part ways with Ian Parry?

Concerning Ian it was musical differences. I feel that if you listen to the new material he’s been working on after “Hellmade” you will understand. On the other side, ARTILLERY’s comeback album had come to my attention. I never was a big fan but I was impressed by the new singer’s voice; it had everything: aggresion, melody, emotion, it was a commanding voice. When we were in the searching phase we communicated with some people from the scene. Most of the replies were positive, a very good thing for us, but it made it harder for us to chose… he, he… however, we could tell right from the start that working with Soren would be great. Even though written communication is not the best thing in the world, sometimes you can just see that it fits. And that was it.

It is the second time you’re collaborating with R.D. Liapakis. The production is flawless, do you believe you have found the right formula?

It is actually the third time if you count our first album, of which he did the mastering. Yes, he is to us the 6th member of the band, he was there from the beginning and we have obviously agreed and disagreed on many things all these years -don’t forget that he is one of the most workaholic people in the scene, therefore his expectations are high- but we have learned a lot. He cares for the bands and for his producing, but what intrigues me the most is how he always manages to make us give 200%, even 300% naturally, without pre-recorded sounds, presets etc. Every band has a distinct personality. Furthermore, he is just a very pleasant guy to be around and we always have a great time when we are together.

Why did you choose “Out of the Shadows” to make a video for?

It is one of our most representative songs… It’s full of power, melody, the necessary dynamics and it has a killer chorus.

Tell us a few words about shooting the video and its plot.

Oh…we became actors for it…pure greatness…ho, ho, ho De Niro eat your heart out! It was a real challenge for us, it being the first time we had to play a role. The video reflects the new society’s problems and issues, depression, drugs, poverty and the individual stories end up connecting in a positive conclusion. It was all shot in Thessaloniki… you can actually smell the port in the last shot… ha,ha!

I was impressed by Lew Temple’s work on the promo teaser. How did he get mixed up in this?

Thanks man! It all began from the idea to make an album teaser different from the others… we wanted to include narration and enlist someone English or American to do it, a famous one if possible so that it would be even more interesting… in the end we didn’t just find “someone famous”, but Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal of Guns n’ Roses fame and the actor Lew Temple! I was in direct contact with the first one but I had to someway get through the latter’s management. We liked the music, we liked the idea and in the next few days I received an e-mail from Lew himself! Everything ran smoothly and they are both very friendly and very generous people… I am very happy that even now we still keep in touch… Bumblefoot even made another teaser for us, the troll version…Have you watched it? Very funny… he,he 🙂 !!!

Who writes your music? What are your lyrical themes and who is the one writing the lyrics?

Everybody is encouraged and free to contribute to the compositions, but the final version is the little drummer boy’s choice. Our lyrics are about social injustice, inner self search, fears, man’s moral decadence and other similar things. Ah yes, like in every CRYSTAL TEARS album we have one song dedicated to our favorite kind of music… metal!

You have been an active member of the scene since the 90’s. Do you believe it is generally easier for a band than it was back then? Do you miss anything from that time? Which are the bands that stand out for you?

First of all, I’m not as ancient as you think man… ha, ha! I’ve been a member of this scene since the late 90s…, yes I was just an infant then… 🙂 ! Was it easier back then? Of course not! Today’s technology didn’t exist and things were certainly more innocent, more “real” but directness and immediacy were real problems. Now everything is faster and much easier to learn. It’s obviously not a bad thing, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing either, since it can result in lazy musicians and it gives anybody the means to write/record music, write in an online media magazine etc, thus decreasing the quality. I won’t pick any bands; they are all unique in their own way!

Would you like to tell us something technical about the recording equipment you used?

Good preparation, a clean mind and tons of inspiration… that is the equipment we used…. :).

Close to the end of the album we find two songs (“Ever Alone”,”Rock and Growl”) that are closer to hard rock. Was there a particular reason for this?

No, it just happened. I believe music is huge. Our influences as individuals range from hard rock to death metal! And that is what I like about the new line-up, we just love music, simple as that! And you were right to notice that in our new album you can hear from HARDCORE SUPERSTAR-style hard rock to AMON AMARTH-style death. It doesn’t matter as long as the songs meet the band’s standards, they must be dynamic and full of intense melodies, generally they shouldn’t be boring… don’t forget that we’ve always paid special attention to powerful choruses and melodies.

Talk to us about your “Beds are Burning” cover.

I always wanted to do this song. I believe it has one of the most powerful choruses in classic rock’s history and some powerful messages and meaning behind it. I was just convinced that it would be perfect to have a strong cover song in a strong album…it is as they say the icing on the cake. We dared to do it, we “crystal-o-tear-ized” it and we believe we did it justice. You can watch the video version, plenty of violence but with a social message(“Strength in Unity”).

What are your future plans?

We have booked a european tour with MYSTIC PROPHECY in October, and we will visit Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands! It is our first european tour, we’re doing under the best possible conditions so it’s safe to assume we will… unleash our inner animals on stage… ha, ha! After that we’re returning home for some headline shows, stay tuned. Oh yeah, we also never stop producing/choosing/rehearsing new ideas. We’re full of energy and the riffs just keep coming :).

Thank you very much for your time.

Thank you for the interview and we want to wish you once again a good start and every success with this new effort. It’s hard but only quitters fail.

I wish you every success!