Despite the difficulties that groups from the province confront – in comparison with the ones from Athens or Thessaloniki- the production of new material and new bands keeps going in high levels! Heavy metallers, Clamor of Existence, from Patra are a powerful example. Having already released their first full-length album in 2013, they are here to analyze their future plans.

Hello guys! At first I would like you to make a brief presentation of the band.
Greetings from Patra to you and all Metal Invader readers. The whole thing started when the band’s line-up, except Vaios (drums – backing vocals), jammed just for fun, during 2011. Then Vaios was added and the situation became more serious. All this work yielded its first results in 2012, i.e. “Rise of the Fallen” demo, and then in 2013 “Fatal Redemption” full-length album. Now the band consists of:
Panagiotis Poulakidas (bass – vocals)
Giorgos Ntelios (guitars)
Giannis Sarris (guitars)
Vaios Sventzouris (drums – vocals)

I understand that your common reference is your studies at Patra. But where is each one of you from?
You got it right Giorgos. We all study at Patra, but Panos is from Kalamata, Giannis and Giorgos from Evia (Chalkida and Aedipsos) and Vaios from Karditsa.

I admit that my first contact with the band was due to this interview and I was interested in the fact that although your music probably leans to classic heavy metal, it sounds “fresh” and modern with a variety of influences and a lot of atmospheric elements. Is this a result of your musical preferences?
Look, the truth is that only Panos listens to heavy metal. All the other members have a variety of influences. Vaios and Giorgos are into more extreme sounds (black and death metal respectively). They are mainly the reason of our darker riffs. On the other hand, there is Giannis who likes blues and hard rock, and he keeps the balance between classic heavy and extreme outbreaks.

I know that your first full-length album (Fatal Redemtion) was recorded in three days in a studio at Karditsa. How did you manage to get a very good result in such a brief time? Also, why did you choose the specific studio, given the fact that you spend most of your time at Patra?
Well, the truth is that we have done a lot of practicing before we entered the studio. To have a clue, I can tell you that there was a period of two months when we rehearsed five to six hours every day. The recording might happened in a hurry but it was neither rough nor improvised. The choice of the studio was something we didn’t regret because of the result and the whole situation there, so we will follow the same path for our next album. Socratis (Deathvalves/ Yp. Studios, Kardtsa) is a man, who loves what he is doing, who makes you happy to work with. In addition, we cannot overlook the financial issue, since the price was pretty affordable.

Are you content with the critics and the fans reaction to the new album?
Absolutely! Critics and the crowd were very positive. Nonetheless, it was our first attempt, so maybe everyone was a little lenient to us, as usual for all rookie bands. It is sure though that every positive reaction creates an amount of responsibility, since we are obliged to be much better in our next release, and this is how we work now.

Have you anything new pending this current time?
We work on the songs of our second album, which will be released – if everything goes as planned – next year in the fall.

Let’s go to live gigs now. Have you made any plans for the upcoming winter?
We have arranged some appearances in Patra and Athens till January. Then we will be fully devoted to the new album.

Tell me a few things about Svenfest in Karditsa. There is a lot of people asking… (I included).
You won’t understand unless you‘ll be there. Many different styles of metal, a lot of groups eager to perform, a music-passionate crowd, plenty of beer and a friendly atmosphere. It is just a wild party. We all look forward to Svenfest V.

As a band coming from the province – with the known difficulties this fact implies – what do you think about the greek scene? Are there any bands that you distinguish among others?
Greek underground is unbelievably rich in musicians who appreciate and respect their works and the fans. It is always difficult to mention some groups without being unfair to the ones you might forget, but since you ask I will only refer to province originated bands like Fuel Eater, Void Droid, Masquera di Ferro, Bionic Origin and Asphodel from Patra, and Noir, Deathvalves, Side Effect, Show your Face, Deacidified from Karditsa. We believe that listening to these bands carefully worth the trouble. You won’t waste your time for sure.

Thank you for your time. As a conclusion you can address to our readers with whatever you like.
I want to thank you for your interest. Be always well…

…And keep supporting the underground metal scene…