The very next week (03 / 04.12) Crystal Tears will perform live in Thesaloniki & Athens with Gus G. I couldn’t let this opportunity go by to a brief conversation with my friend Chrysafis Tantanozis in order to hear his band’s latest news.

You had a live performance in Thessaloniki about 10 months ago. Now you are coming back again! Is your special relationship with this city the reason that you returned so early or you just don’t miss a chance to give live shows anywhere?

Hello and thanks! Haha…if we participated in every event that we are invited to, you would be fed up with hearing about us. We are too selective as far as the place and the circumstances of our live performances are concerned. We definitely have a very special relationship with our hometown, but this time it is a “special package” for our capital city, too! I feel very happy and grateful about that! :-).

How did the association with Gus G for the live shows occur?

It was a personal choice of Gus G and his band. It is a great honor for us! Ι took a call one morning and that was it! CRYSTAL TEARS and GUS G come together for the greek part of Gus G’s “Brand New Revolution” tour.
crystal tears2

Are there any surprises to expect from your stage appearance with Gus G?

I think, the fact that we play together is a powerful event itself… Gus G has his own show (what a show!) and we have our own show. No one will leave disappointed, that’s for sure! 🙂 .

In 2014 you released a new album, you made three video-clips, you toured in Europe…In 2015 you weren’t so active! What should we expect from the band in 2016?

I think that we have been active endlessly for these 2 years! In 2015 we gave the “Hellmade” live shows in Greece and we released one more live performance music video as a confirmation of our shows. Meanwhile, we visited Germany many times in order to work on our new ideas with our producer.

What about a new live release?

Haha…Thanks but I think it is too early for us.

Are you satisfied with the popularity and sales of Hellmade?

Yes and yes! I am not much involved in numbers, but I believe that we do the best we can. Our label does too! Of course, we have made mistakes, but we’ve learned a lot from them.
crystal tears1

What about the European Tour feedback?

It was a wonderful experience…One headliner band (Mystic Prophecy) and a touring team by which we were treated great, a luxurious nightliner and very well organized stages. We didn’t feel thirsty or hungry…even the facilities such as wc and showers were great! We were very lucky that we took part in this. We wish that it will happen again one day!

How important is it to give live performances in your country?

It is definitely important to be recognized in your country and to give performances in crowded places. However, the challenge is to prove your worth away.

Is it true that you are more popular abroad than in Greece?

Thank you but I wouldn’t say that. We are just a newcomer band that tries to do its best. Thanks

Personally, I think that your song “Megas Alexandros” is one of your best. Do you think that it matches your turned around style? ( I am referring to your new, more “hard rock” style)

Thank you! Of course it does…you can realize it when you watch our gigs. The setlist always includes that song. Hmmm…Anywise, “Hellmade” is much closer to “Choirs of Immortal” than “Generation X”.

crystal tears3

The closure is yours…

I hope that we will see all of you at our shows in Greece with Gus G! By the way, the bands that will appear in Thessaloniki are Chronomancy and Heritage. Moreover, Enemy of Reality will open the show in Athens. Really good bands, really good guys all of them!