Hello, guys, this is Elpida and I welcome you to Metal Invader! Hope everyone’s fine! What have you been up to these days?

Hello, Elpida! Yes, everyone is just fine! We just returned to our home town after our 2 last shows for 2018 in Bulgaria. Currently we have been touring a lot and promoting our new music.

A few months back, you released your new album entitled “Decadence”. How has the feedback been so far?

Yes, we were really excited for releasing “Decadence”. We put a lot of work into it and for now we are more than happy to say that the feedback is really positive. Of course there are some people that enjoy our earlier sound but that’s totally understandable.

Judging by both their physical and digital presence, Dash The Effort have created quite a huge following in just a few years; how much important is the crowd for D.T.E.?

Oh, it’s basically one of the most important things. We always have been grateful for all the fans and people supporting us.  we always take time to talk to our fans and get to know them so we can show that we really appreciate every fan.

The band was founded in 2011 and already seven years have passed. Did you anticipate the success you’ve had both in Bulgaria and abroad?

Honestly no. Since 2011 we had a lot of changes in our line up. There were some years that we practically weren’t active. Picking up from 2015 and doing all the shows and our EP we weren’t expecting to be accepted so fast. Fortunately for us everything worked out and we gained a fan base quicker and began to set bigger and bigger goals.

Whose idea was the formation of the band and what steps were made in order to realize it?

Our guitarist Georgi created the band. It started out as a project between him and our first guitarist. They just wanted to play some metalcore and progressive music so they did it. Later on the idea for the band came and after some changes the rest of us joined the band.

What were your initial goals, which of them have been achieved so far and what will you elaborate on in the future?

At first we just wanted to make our music heard. That’s all we wanted. With the developing of the band we started to go deeper. At this point we want people to receive the message of the band apart of just hearing the music. One of our main goals (that remains to this day) is to make people think and really dive in into the vastness of the atmosphere.

Apart from that we achieved our goal of playing more outside of our country. A tour in Romania and a concert in Greece was what we wanted to do and with the help of our friends Astrarot and Scars of a Story that goal was achieved. In the future we are planning on touring in Europe more, release at least one more video and start writing new music.

Every band faces ups and downs along the way. Would you give us an example of each in your perspective?

True. What we can give as an example is what happened with the band in 2015.

We had our “Up” when we won the Wacken Metal Battle. We were the first Bulgarian band to play at Wacken Festival and this brought us a lot of new fans, recognition, respect. Just a year after thatwe radically changed our line up, when only me and our guitarist remained as the original members of the band. This slowed down the development of the band because we were already touring/playing live a lot and making plans that we realized now in 2017/2018.

I guess it’s a learning experience to always think 2 steps ahead and expect that everything can happen to you. That’s what made us really picky about every move we do in the future. What we personally think is that every band has to have its “down” moment so it can live through the hard times and not live in the clouds.

What will your next steps be? A tour, a new video – clip maybe?

Both hahaha. Our next steps are to shoot a video for one of our songs from our new album. For now we don’t know exact date for the video , but we are hoping to release it in the early 2019. After that we will tour again and hopefully promote some new music with it!

You will be visiting Thessaloniki, once again! What should we now expect from your performance? What have you prepared for us?

Yes, we can’t wait to visit Thessaloniki again! Last time we had a blast, so we are very happy to come back!We are bringing music from our album, a lot of songs we didn’t play last time plus our earlier music. So it’s going to be a night for a full-blown rampage haha.

Alright, that’s all from me for the time being. More to come face-to-face at Thessaloniki! Would you like to send a message to our readers / your fans?

Thessaloniki, we are coming for you!

Bring your asses to the club and let’s destroy each other in the pit! We open the void of death at 30.11!