What were the series of circumstances that brought you together?

Nothing was conventional about how we became a band. It was a series of odd coincidences and led to where we are now. Initially Lombardo, Crain and I were working on a singer-songwriter’s demo with Ross Robinson. So the three of us in a room eventually led to us putting material together for three initial shows that were two weeks away from that time. After a few months, we jumped in the studio, played a few more shows, and then our initial singer, Gabe Serbian decided that he has to depart from the band for personal reasons. It was at that point we hit up Patton to join and the rest is history.

Why the name Dead Cross. What inspired it?

Current events that tie into the history of humanity.

After Gabe Serbian quit, how did the Paton name came to be on the list for the frontman position? Was it before approaching the band with his label Ipepac or after that?

Patton has hit us up about releasing the album in Ipecac before he joined the band. So we were on his radar. After Gabe left, we asked a couple people to take his place and Patton was one of them, and on the top of the list.

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Photo by Adam DeGross

I always find it fascinating how as busy musicians as you all are can create and participate in numerous band simultaneously. How is it possible to create the time to practice and write music? I mean even the concerts must be difficult to arrange with such busy schedules…

It’s not hard. I think the only obstacle that we face are a slight geographical one, where I live in San Diego, Patton lives part time in San Fran and part time in LA, and Crain and Lombardo live in LA. Other than that, the band seems to weave in and out of the other projects that we each have going on individually.

Do you think that because of all this fame that precedes the members of Dead Cross, the band would have been anyhow an immediate hit?

I have no idea.

The truth is that the album ‘Dead Cross’ is one of the absolute best of 2017 but how difficult is to create a successor as good as the previous one? Are you working on anything new?

We are slowly working on new material. I’m fairly certain that whatever we do from here on out will surpass the LP. But that is just my opinion.

The lyrics on ‘Dead Cross’ LP were especially political. Far right is masquerading itself to gain power and world economic crisis is collapsing entire countries. However people seem numb and they seem speechless. What is going on? Are people forgetting of the past, are we not learning from our mistakes?

The lyrics and the music reflect the world that we come from. As for the massive topic you’ve brought up, addressing apathy, and making the same negative mistakes, well, it seems pretty apparent that both of those elements are in place with how us humans are generally acting. Perhaps we will finally learn from our mistakes when humans have wiped ourselves from the planet. It sure seems that we are headed in that general direction. Perhaps these are issues and questions to present to you, and whoever might read this, and see who takes action.

And you surprisingly released a new EP. What’s the purpose of this EP and why without any warning?

As far as the lack of warning, I have no idea why things panned out that way they did. Hopefully people get the record and dig it, because there is purpose in the sounds we provide. We are a band, and we create music.

You embark for a two month tour all Festival dates. Do you prefer festival over headliner concerts that everybody is there for you and only you?

I personally prefer non-festival shows. The main reason for that is due to the lack of energy that is exchanged by the band and the audience. At a club show, it’s more of an event, where there isn’t necessarily a divide between the band and the audience. Ideally, everyone experiencing that event becomes one.

What are the pros and cons of long period tours?

Pros, we become tighter musically, and get to communicate with more people. Cons, we eventually damage parts of our bodies, and possibly out minds.

All members have different musical styles, was this combination so weird in a way but genius at the same time that created this unique sound that Dead Cross have? How could you be sure that this mix would be so explosive?

Thank you. We were never sure and still aren’t sure about this explosive element. We became a band for ourselves, and do what we do for ourselves. The fact that some people dig what we do is secondary, and we are grateful for that outcome.