With great joy, we welcome you to Metal Invader, our dear Demolition Train! Since you’ll be performing in both Thessaloniki and Trikala, I thought that was a good opportunity to get to know you better! To begin with, is everybody alright?

The pleasure is ours! Fortunately, we are all very well at this time if you exclude that we are quite pressurized with our day-work. But ok, it’s all about Rock ‘n’ Roll! The upcoming concerts are something we’ve been arranging for some time with our comrades from Steamroller Assault and Nightbreed. Stygian Oath will as well join us for the show in Thessaloniki, so everything is sweet! We are ready to demolish the scenes that have agreed to accommodate us. They have no idea of what awaits them unfortunately…

Demolition Train has been around for almost a decade. Back then, in 2009, who had the idea to form this band and how did you finally realize the dream?

We are all buddies since the elementary school, we affiliated with the hard sound as we grew up, so we formed a band since junior high school to jam. The idea for the formation of Demolition Train came from me and Vasilis. We wanted to create something of ours. We started to write material, and the rest came into play!

What were your original goals when you first started out as a band and how many of the goals you have set at times have been achieved so far?

I do not think that our thinking has changed dramatically over the years. We just like to play. Above all we play to satisfy ourselves as music fans. Now, if the crowd digs it, that’s super! As we go on, we just want to play as best we can and improve on all levels, whether it’s song composition, production, promotion, etc. We want every effort we make to be better than the previous one.

Ten years is not just a brief time lapse. Distinguishing yourself a little from your musical ‘child’, what would you say has changed and what has remained the same over time?

I imagine a lot of things. Now I don’t know if I could name them. I think we have all become more accountable/responsible and we have more confidence. Experience in many things helps you to see and think differently about everyday life, whether it’s work or your personal life.

Have you regretted any choices of the past or in other words, if you could change something, what would that be?

What’s been done, is done. Either good or bad. The point is to look ahead. We are not the guys who will be crying about things that don’t and can’t change. Obviously not all of our choices were the best we could make. But it is important to learn from your mistakes, to gain experience, knowledge and not to fall into the same mistake again. If you repeat it, only then you have made a real mistake.

Your second album “Bound by Horror, Sealed with Blood” left both me and the crowd a very good impression. Are you satisfied with the feedback you’ve been getting?

I am glad to hear this! The truth is that in general it got very good reviews and that makes us very happy. We couldn’t forsee the crowd’s reactions because the album came out quite differently from “Unleash the Hordes”. It’s much darker, heavier, has a lot of Sabbath riffs, etc. I think we’re totally satisfied with the result. Perhaps he wanted more promotion with more live shows last year, but it was a difficult year for us on a personal level. We have started dynamically this year to fill the gap.

One of the most strikingly cool aspects of the album is its great cover. Amazing and with ardent colors. How did you end up in something like that and who did it?

The cover is A-MA-ZING! I am a huge fan of old horror movies like the concept, directors, actors, atmosphere and of course the posters accompanying them. The idea was mine and came out as a “50’s -60’s horror movie poster” concept. The idea of ​​the cover depicting the heroes from the songs came from our bassist, Michalis. The masterpiece was made by DimitarNikolov, with whom we collaborated on the first album. The truth is that neither we expected it would be so good! Dimitar is a great artist.

Your upcoming shows in Thessaloniki and Trikala are just around the corner. What have you prepared for us? What to expect from Demolition Train?

It will be the first time we play in both cities. The set will contain songs from all 2 albums we have released. What to expect? What the band’s name says! A train comes to demolish them all. Destruction, fast speeds, rock ‘n’ roll, badass-metal and this ‘take no prisoners’ notion!

Thank you very much for your time, the rest will be discussed with a lot of beers up close! Do you want to close this interview with a message to our readers?

Thank you for hosting! We are waiting for you to honor us with your presence, to drink and to discuss! What a beauty!