Hello guys, welcome to Metal Invader! I’ve known some of you for quite some years now, however it’s the first time to actually discuss officially about the band. Let’s start from the easy ones; is everybody alright? Are you getting ready for your upcoming show in Thessaloniki?

Hello! We are all fine! We are healthy, and we are here! We were born ready to have fun in all this queue of pending gigs! It’s what we love to do!

Coming from a town like Thessaloniki, with its lively nightlife and of course intense musical activity, do you consider that all these have affected the composition of Downtown Association? How much has life in Thessaloniki influenced you both as musical units and as a whole?

We have grown in this climate as the tropical flowers of this city and, more and more, we are becoming part of it. The creation of this band was precisely that as a goal; to capture, in our music, the energy and the lean quality of the nightlife of this town. We love life in Thessaloniki, it affects us to the point that we affect it in return.

How did Downtown Association come to life? Whose was the idea of forming such a band, how did you join forces and what were your original goals?

Everything started by Matikas. He lived the experience of making a hard rock band at that moment, gathering musicians from the filthy surroundings of the Ladadika region of Thessaloniki whose faces keep seeing the early hours of the days. All of us were more or less coming from bands that are active in the city and have written hours of work up and down the stage. What we all associate with is our love for the live shows and the beautiful sunrise at Ladadika.

Why Downtown Association? What’s the idea behind your name? By extension, what are the themes Downtown Association elaborate on their lyrics and what is the message they want to convey?

I think so far, our intention has been known to describe the energy that music infusesin us at night, with all the accompanying spirits served in a glass. There are common points that connect us as people and such a conspiratorial title sounded quite descriptive and cool! The themes are about true stories and feelings about situations and experiences of all the band’s members. The willingness to capture a piece of our souls in our lyrics has become our goal and so the message always remains as true as possible.

Your debut “City Guide” was released over a year ago and you have already received very positive reviews while your fanbase is constantly growing. What would you say is that feature that makes you click on the crowd?

It is something strange that is not easily described in words. You’d think, what else would someone say about his children?! What is happening with our tracks is that we are not holding back the energy in its composition and performance. Everything for everything in each piece, a deposit of soul in all instruments, this is our choice from the very beginning. Nothing for later, everything… now!

Your new album is expected in 2018. Want to give us some information about this? For example, its title and when to expect its release? Will it be released again via New Dream Records?

Some parts of this answer will remain unanswered, hidden or otherwise. The truth is that the album is ready and sounds beautiful in our ears and will definitely be released by New Dream Records! Wait for an even more exuberant and tied release and be sure that we enjoyed it throughout its production.

Talking about labels, how did you get into co-operation with New Dream Records and how would you describe your collaboration so far?

In recent years, the landscape of the music industry and the labels is cloudy, as we all know. Each and everyone in the scene have experienced weird situations, so we are always cautious. With New Dream for a strange reason, none of this was confirmed. We’re into an enviable, courageous and honest partnership that has brought us into a beautiful and homogeneous environment of dynamic effort on both sides. Everything seems to go and they will go well.

Elaborating a bit on the material of your upcoming album, what new would you say Downtown Association has to offer and what do you think your listeners should focus on?

Our approach this time was as spontaneous as before, but this time rather more structured. A powerful album with only a few points of relaxation to be honest, but above all we write each song with the goal for it to be sung by the crowd. Melodies mixing with noise will leave none uninterested!

What has changed and what has remained the same for the Downtown Association over the years?

Look, the scene is noble in its decline. Downtown Association are fresh in their experience and thirsty for more than ever before; that’s how they started and of course nothing happened to spoil this in their few years of presence.

What is the next step for the Downtown Association? Who is the most direct and what is the most important goal for you?

We were born ready for what we have not yet experienced. We look for it and we will find it, that is our goal, always the vehicle we love and know how to do our best. The new albums, the new shows, the new festivals and tours are just the stairs we build slowly to be always close to the dream and this is of the greatest importance to us.

You are going to share the stage with Northwind, Troubleman and Blackstone Puppets. What to expect from your appearance?

Expect nothing less than all of our energy. We will sweat and give it all because it is just worth it for us. Every show is a night we are planning ofr months before and water it with alcohol until it grows and is ready for reaping. Harvesting is the key word, if you want.

That’s all from me for the time being, the rest up close! Close this discussion as you wish … with a message to our readers perhaps?

It was cool to have such a chit chat and we’ll be more than happy to see you at our show! To all the Kings of the hole out there… Downtown, where the river of whiskey flows and it’s waiting you to dry it all, when the game is on and you’ve better to carry on, then the dawn will find you , you’re the king. King of the hole! Rock n Roll!