Can you recall any memories from the last time Nightfall were on stage?

Heat. Too much heat. It was in Greece, I think Sonisphere, summertime I think. You know, it’s been a lot of years we haven’t been on stage. Let’s change that now!

It’s only a few days left since Nightfall’s much anticipated return on Gagarin’s stage. What should we expect from that night?

We will cover all four eras of the band, and we’re doing it with a dynamic that represents today’s lineup. We are not there to reminisce the past. We are due to make new memories for the future. Full attack!!!

On the other hand, what expectations does the band have right now from the Athenian audience of that night?

We should lift Gagarin 10 feet above the ground with our screams. Both the band as well as the audience. We want to listen to the people, and the people to listen to us. What’s better than that?

I presume on that “At Night We Prey” is going to be honored to an extent. What else should be expect in regards to the setlist? Any spoilers?

As mentioned above, you’re covering all eras of the band so far. Fast, slow, dark, heavy, epic and two songs that the world will sing with us.

This show is essentially a “warmup” for your upcoming tour with Draconian. Is tour life something you have missed or is it something that has been “romanticized” enough for many artists?

Yes, we are waiting for the tour to take place a lot. People are numb with the pandemic. The good thing about Nightfall is that there are plenty of places where you can get lost in the music, not just for headbanging, and that gives us the opportunity to move on to more brain-like patterns. To intrigue the mind and let the shock strike afterwards. The tours are not as they were in the older times. Back then you could see new places and people that you could not easily meet otherwise. The leisure trip was expensive and difficult. What people see and think of a tour as something awesome, is the one or two hours that the band is on stage. The rest 22 hours, each artist is on their own, and things are not at all romantic and easy.

You will have On Thorns I Lay and Project Renegade on your side, on November 13. Do you think that this triptych is the ideal one for those due to return to the concert action after 1.5 years of abstinence?

I’m more than sure!

What is marked for the next day on the Nightfall calendar?

We continue the effort to spread awareness for the important issue of mental health, which is the reason for the existence of “At Night We Prey”, while we’re getting ready for more live shows.

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