Two years after our last discussion and with their upcoming shows in Thessaloniki and Athens, Embrace The Paradox are hosted again at Metal Invader. Curious to see what we talked about? Then keep reading!

Hello, dear ones! I welcome you for a second time to Metal Invader! Are you well? Are you preparing for your gig in Thessaloniki with End Cycle, Seasons AC and Treason As Relief?

Hello once again and warmly thank you for the invitation! We are in a period of preparation for the upcoming shows, becauseit’s something we wanted to do in this particular form (swap live). We are in constant contact with all the other bands and the only sure thing is that what you will see in total will be unforgettable!

Two years more or less has passed since the last time we talked officially here in the magazine. What has changed and what has remained the same in the ETP camp?

The truth is that this time was large enough to bring changes to many levels, but our goal and vision have remained the same. The only sure thing is that the band gets better and better as time passes and that’s what we’re hunting to get out to the world!

As far as I know, you have had changes to your lineup. Why has this happened and how did you deal with it?

At the beginning of this season, we decided together with Elias, our previous guitarist, to continue our musical journey on somewhat different paths, without of course implying that we have broken our personal relationships! We always wish him the best possible life and he is a member of our “family” as well as all the people with whom we have worked together over the years! His position was filled by Marios, who from the first day showed us that we can rely on him both as a musician and as a person. We are doing well as we are and we feel as tied as ever!

By the end of 2016, you had released “Eve’s Mind Prevail”, which judging by the acceptance of the crowd went quite well. Are you satisfied with this development? Would you add or remove something from the record, now that the time has passed and you see things from a distance?

Big question with many legs (hahaha). “Eve’s Mind Prevail” was a whole time for us and that was imprinted in our music! If we started writing it from the beginning, I think we would not change anything, because it was the closest thing to our emotions at that time. Surely, we cannot write the same album twice because we now live different things. From then on, we are very happy that what we felt was passed to the crowd and was embraced, just like our previous work!

Recently, with the exception of your recent performances in Ioannina and Larissa, you went through some months of introversion, or at least that’s how I saw it. Is this really true?

The period after our last album marked the end of an era for us both as a band and as people, so we surely stayed somewhat silent and skeptical, so we could listen what we had written these last 2 years! But we are returning quite determined and this will be seen in the very near future, beginning with our first show in our city for 2018 the following Sunday!

Are there ideas for a new album? Do you have any new tracks or are there any plans for new material?

There are not only ideas as our second album will be announced in the next few days and we are pleased to inform you that you are the first to learn it!

What will you present to us in your upcoming concert in Thessaloniki? What can we expect from you?

In the upcoming concert you will see what you have always seen from the Embrace The Paradox:a dynamic, tense and banging show (Hahaha)! We will play some of our old tracks as well as a new one for the first time!

Thank you once again for your time, I’m glad we talked again! Send a message to our readers!

Thanks again for the invitation! We won’t say anything this time! We’ll be waiting for you on Sunday April 15th to show you what we got!