Good evening, lads, and welcome to Metal Invader. I’m glad we finally got to speak. To begin with, are you alright? What have you been up to these days?

Hello from us, as well. We’re doing well, we’ve entered the stage of redefining our lineup and moving towards new stuff.

A few months have passed since the release of “Stay Black”. What’s the feedback you’re getting so far? Are you satisfied by the crowd’s reactions?

We are more than satisfied. We begun blindly, we didn’t know what to expect. We didn’t have demands, and so far we see that the community has in one sense embraced our effort. We feel acceptance. Every audience we play in front of knows our tracks and experiences them with intensity. And we’ve noticed, for example, more and more “unfamiliar” faces to us in the first row. This fills us very much.

Talk us a bit about “Stay Black”. Firstly, why “Stay Black”? Don’t we need a bit brighter realities?

It is a matter of acceptance, not of reconciliation with reality.It’s the perfect combination of a cool sounding name with an easy-to-understand meaning.

Which process did you follow to create and compose this album? Was it team effort or did everyone do his part and then mixed your ideas together?

The truth is somewhere in the middle. Each of us put an effort, each through his own post. In a classic pattern, our two guitar players played a synthetic ping pong, and the tracks were formed every day a little more to result into what we have today. Everyone contributed in his own way to forging each composition, either with the slightest idea or via a productive and long conversation. Of course, there have been times when someone would say “Fuck it, I’m driving now” when someone hit a ‘wall’.

Who handled the production, mixing and mastering of the album? It is really the perfect result.

All the work behind the consoles and computers was made by two exceptional people from Kavala, Thanasis Samaras who endured all the recordings and singled out all our few errors, and master sifu Jim Siou who gave his everything to the mixing and mastering process. Admittedly, we also enjoyed the work done there. The guys took all the mock-ups for suggestions we made and gave us back much more than we asked for. Thanx.

In Greece, the audience is not so familiar with your own sound, however, your concerts (at least those I have attended myself) are always full of people and full of energy. What’s that feature that makes people get attached to your music?

As you said, it’s about the energy, we recognize this in our sound and we always pay attention to how this energy can come out properly.

For the most part, the themes of your lyrics are dark, somewhat introverted. Do they come from personal experiences or is it a translation of the general reality? Maybe both?

From the erotic disappointments we experienced in the emo days of high school. And Panos Kiamos. Love sucks, stay Black.

You will soon be sharing the stage of Eightball Live Stage with Embrace The Paradox, Seasons AC and Treason As Relief. Early on, this live is expected to be a bomb. What have you prepared for us? What to expect from End Cycle?

-The reason we exist is to make every subsequent concert experience even more awkward than the previous one.

Alright, thank you for your time.Close the interview as you wish, perhaps with a message to our readers?

Live Young Die Fast