Enshadowed, are about to release their 4th album, “Stare into the Abyss”, at the end of this month, through Odium Records. We grabbed the chance and had a little talk with the guitarist and founding member N.e.c.r.o., about the album and the band’s plans among other things. Light your black candles, because the trip into the Abyss will be long and hard…

Welcome to Metal Invader, I personally want to thank you for taking the time for this interview.

First, introduce the band, for the people who don’t know what Enshadowed is all about.

Thank you, Nick, for giving as this space in Metal Invader and for the interest regarding our new album. Enshadowed is a black metal band, with a steady presence in the scene, since 1998. I will not say something more, those familiar with the underground scene already know us, the others can check us online.

Which were the bands that triggered you to become a musician and decide to start your own band?

I don’t consider myself a musician, but more a creator and my artistic pathway is music. However, I never had all the clichés of a black metal fan listening to only one genre. My musical endeavors are going back to when I was 13 years old, with a huge and straight forward focus on Queen and the guitar wizard, Brian May. Of course, during my teenage years, metal came into my life, with Metallica and “Ride the Lightning” becoming an obsession. After that, bands like Slayer, old Sepultura, Exciter came, as well as Possessed, Morbid Angel and others, which I was listening to them nonstop. It was not long until black metal came and Quorthon was always my biggest love and inspiration to become a creator behind a band.

I know that you have a big variety in bands that you listen to. How much did this contribute in Enshadowed’s music?

Speaking for every member of our band, we are not people sticking with only thing. We are listening to whatever will “say” something to us, no matter if it is brutal death metal or extreme black metal or jazz, dark ambient, classical music etc. I in person, am influenced by whatever triggers me. For example, in “Magic Chaos Psychedelia”, in the title song, you will find very clear influences by Dead Can Dance.

Let’s go to your new, 4th album, “Stare into the Abyss”, which will be released on the 30th of June, by Odium Records. While waiting for the release, how do you feel as a band and you in particular? Are you satisfied from the result?

The album is what we wanted in every aspect. We worked a lot for it, everything is calculated and organized to the last detail, compositions, lyrics, layout, production, everything. It is an album which while I don’t if in all the albums being released nowadays, will manage to stick out but to be honest, it has a strong presence as a mature and complete work.

The whole production process was handled by the band, as you are the owner of a recording studio. What are the pros and cons in that? Were you objective in the final result? Do you try to create what you would like to hear from Enshadowed from the listener’s perspective of it is done solely from the artist’s one?

It is something that I am doing since many years and every band’s member worked with this mindset. Of course, I am talking about the listener’s perspective. On the other hand, the artist’s perspective is important only in the technical side of the whole procedure. As a producer, I have the luxury to go along with being also a sound engineer. This is giving me an extra dimension in how I receive and understand the sound and the vision of every band I am working with. Producing music is not just a job. It is a personal passion, a different journey every single time and I like working like the hidden member of each band. The goal is to experience the music deep within, so I will give the energy required and the magic from my side.

What the procedure you followed for the recordings? Are you always recording with the same one, or you adapt according to each album? How much time did you need to prepare the new album?

The whole composing and arranging procedure took a lot of time. We did a pre-production this time, which helped us to have a first glimpse from the album. After that, we looked through every detail, like never before in any recording, from the amplifiers we will use for a certain sound, to the room fitting best to record the drums, so that we could have a natural and “big” sound. Of course, every member’s experience in music as well as mine as a sound engineer was huge contributing factors.

What are your future plans? Will we see you on stage?

There will be more albums for sure. As for live shows, it is not easy, but we are not saying no. However, all the band’s members are involved in other, active bands regarding live shows. Golgotha is playing with Mortal Torment and Serpent with Dead Elephant. Myself, after many years of absence, I am about to return on stage with Anticreation, a new project of grim and dark underground death metal and soon we will record our debut.

Let’s go a bit back in time, in 1998 to be exact. The band is created as Sacrificial, changes to Nocternity Enshadowed and finally changes to Enshadowed up to this day. What do you remember from back then? How did you experience the change until now, since you are the only steady member since the beginning?

Passion for music was always the motive. Many members came and left and for the last 10 years the band has the best lineup ever, solid, true and with a common vision.

Looking at Enshadowed’s discography, we can find just 4 full-length albums and many demos and split released. Why did that happen? Did you feel that you “burnt” songs in releases that could very easily compose more full lengths?

We never thought about it. We were always spontaneous, and we function like that. We never had and still don’t have any kind of marketing plan to become famous. With that being said, yes, we were “burning” songs and we never had timeline constrictions. I think it is more honest than releasing an album every 2 years because we must. “Must” is not our thing.

Let’s assume that you only have those 4 full lengths without other releases. You started as a traditional black metal band and as years went by, you incorporated more elements, a bit of death metal and a bit of more of a modern touch in your music. Did that happen on purpose or was it something that just came out of you with each album?

Enshadowed is an experimental band. We tried various stuff, I believe that the experimental era is now over, and we are returning to our black metal roots. In the next releases, we are going to bring a more extreme underground black metal sound. It is something we wanted to do, a rebirth so we decided to also change the band’s logo to a more of a demo underground version, so it will bring back something from the glory of the ’90s.

Tell us a few things about how you function as a band. You are the main composer. Do you give to the others completed songs or you will go to the studio and jam your ideas until you get what you want? How did the other members contribute?

Exactly like that. I have to say though, that Golgotha contributes in composing also. Serpent brings his ideas for the lyrics and after that, we are working together to come up with the final song structures.

Let’s leave Enshadowed for a while and go to the other bands/projects of yours. I am referring to Burial Hordes, Respawn The Plague and Vomit Church. Should we wait for something new? Apart from Burial Hordes, with who your last release was in 2018, in all the others, we see an absence of many years.

Burial Hordes, will release their new album within 2021. We are coming back with more black metal elements in the new songs, without falling apart from the heavy sound that the last unholy albums had. Respawn The Plague’s debut is due to 2021 also. For Vomit Church, there is nothing planned yet and Anticreation is the current running project.

Back to the new album then. What is up with Enshadowed and the drummers? Are you strange people or the exact opposite and you know what you want but cannot find it? In “Stare into the Abyss”, we have the participation of George Trakas, member of Archemoron, Blustery Cavaet, Ravencult and ex-Mass Infection member. All known and respected bands. How did this collaboration happen?

Unfortunately, in Greece, the truly capable drummers are a mere 5-6 people. The requirements in Enshadowed’s songs are high, so drumming was always an issue for us. George was excellent and the most important thing was that we had a good communication, both music-wise and as people.

You are a member of the scene since many years. What is your opinion for the new bands that are coming up? We see black metal rising again and it is a common opinion that we have nothing to be jealous from the metal scene abroad. What is your opinion on the matter?

I will not be a diplomat in this one. The problem is general and wide and not a certain country’s scene problem. Nowadays, the bands are focusing more on the image and the layouts, than on the music itself. I cannot stand it anymore, watching all those esoterists wannabes, passing around fake satanic ideologies, infused with a bunch of apocryphal mambo jumbo. Only a few bands have really something to say. The funny thing is, that the new fan generations believe that stuff. I truly hope that this era will pass, and the bands will return to what they were meant to be.

What is playing in your headphones these days?

Imperial Triumphant, Portal, Umbra Conscientia, Black Curse, Blood Chalice and more…

Thank you once again for this interview, the last words are yours.

Thank you also and stare into the Abyss…!