Italian thrashers Eversin are coming to Greece once more trying to redefine thrash to our ears as part of Chania Rock Festival. Metal Invader too the opportunity to talk to Ignazio Nicastro (bass player) about their future plans!

Hello guys and welcome to Metal Invader! It’s good to have you here. To get our engines working, would you like to present the band to our readers? A brief bio would suffice in order to get even more people to know you better.

Hi, Elpida and hi to everyone on Metal Invader, it’s a pleasure tobe talking to you. Well, Eversin was born in 2008 from me, Gabriele (guitars) and Angelo (vocals). In 2010 was time for “Divina Distopia”, our first album to hit the market and in 2012 arrived “Tears on the face of God”. After this second effort we played some gigs with Death Angel and in late 2013 we started working on our third album “Trinity: the Annihilation”. In 2014 we played a lot around sharing the stage with Megadeth in Turkey at the first Rock Off edition, with Destruction and Carcass here in Italy and in 2016, after publishing the third album, we had the immense chance to play on the same festival with Iron Maiden and Slayer in Germany at Rock Avaria. Back from Germany, in August we played with Exodus and in November for the first time in Greece, Athens, as headliner. Now it’s time to play some new gigs and publish the new album.

Judging by your releases, Eversin is not a pure Thrash band, as other elements are found in your music, such as progressive and a bit of classic heavy metal forms. Do you agree with that? How would you describe your music?

Well…we are a thrash metal band playing its own thrash metal. I mean, we are not interested in playing what was played years before by hundreds of bands, so we try to enrich our music with some personal elements to create our own unique sound. Our musical backgrounds are very similar but at the same time there are some important differences. When we are composing, these differences create a fusion and give to our music those elements you noticed.

It’s evident that the band has grown and matured both individually and as team as the years have passed. Surely, you’re taking things a bit further each time, with every new release. What makes a band mature? Through what processes has the band worked its way and what adversities did you have to overcome in order to become who you are today?

We like to surpass our limits every time we enter the studio to create new music. We will never play twice the same album, we are a very dynamic band. Through the years we understood that is very important to be able to play something personal and recognizable. As I told you before we are not interested in being the copy of the copy of the copy, and so on. Maturity is to reach the point to create something of yours.

As far as I know you’re in the process of writing a new album. Would share some details with us? When will it hit the market, under what title and in which format?

Songwriting is over, the songs are ready to be recorded. Danilo (drums) has recorded all his parts, so now it’s time for me and Gabriele to start recording. After us, Angelo will hit the studio for all the vocals. New stuff is like Slayer and Candlemass having a fucking jam session. It sounds violent and fast but at the same time incredibly heavy and doomy. Regarding the title, well, I can’t say anything for the moment…J. The new album will be published on the first half of 2018 on limited edition digipack and probably on vinyl.

What has changed and what has remained the same in this new effort of yours? What should we expect from Eversin?

You have to expect thrash metal in its highest form, but with something extra, with some elements in order to change the definition of thrash itself. I know that this sounds like huge bullshit, but trust me it is not. The new album will be something special.


Most of your lyrical themes deal with war and religion. First of all, where do you draw inspiration from and what’s your view of the world we’re living today in a few words? Will your upcoming album be dealing with the same lyrical themes of is there a new entry?

I’ve always written the lyrics for our albums, so I put in them my point of view, about the shitty world we are living into. I turn on the TV on some news show and you get more than satisfied: there is shit there of any kind. War, terrorism, killings, nuclear warhead, disrespect, pollution, disease… I could write the new “Divine Comedy” following all the shit happening in the world. “Tears on the Face of God” and “Trinity: the Annihilation” were about the second world war and nuclear creation, but all the lyrics were elaborated from different points of view. For the new album I’ve decided to move on my attention on something different. You will always find references to war and to what surrounds us, but everything will be treated in a…more religious way.

Eversin will be performing live at Chania Rock Festival in a few weeks. Are you excited about performing in this magical by the sea locale, along with beloved bands, such as Blind Guardian, Warlord, Septic Flesh, Phil Campbell and so on?

Oh, sure we are. We are looking forward to hit the stage and to meet once more new greek friends. Chania Fest is one of the most important fest of the South Europe so we are very excited to be part of it. Also, Greek audience is one of the hottest audiences in the world so I’m sure it will be something special and devastating.

What are the band’s next steps? What does the future hold for you? Are there any announcements you can make through Metal Invader?

The new album is composed, recording session have started, if you are looking for thrash heavy, fast groovy and bonecrushing metal, well, you have found it. EVERSIN will make your day, ahahahah. Listen to “Trinity: the Annihilation”, buy it, copy it, steal it…we don’t care!

Alright, thank you for this interview and for taking the time to answer my questions. I wish the best for you. What message would you like to send to our readers a few days before meeting them?

We’re gonna play at Chania Fest and I promise we’ll do our best to get your ears to bleed for several hours. Don’t miss our show…really, don’t miss it. I would also like to thank you Elpida for the time you are giving to Eversin. Your support is precious. Thanks guys, hope to meet you all very soon. Thrash ‘till Death, my friends.