How has quarantine time treated you so far? Are you feeling better right now?

It’s nice actually. I feel a little better right now, thank you. I’m in my farm in Sweden and it’s quite relaxing. I’m doing some livestreams and I’m working on a few things about music so, time goes on really nicely.

Congratulations on the “Hvman. :||: Natvre.” album! How do you feel about it coming back to it as a listener and an oldschool Nightwish fan?

Well, I sing in the band for the past 8 years so I can’t really think like that anymore. I don’t think any artist can.

Would you say you prefer this one, or “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”?

I can’t really compare, it’s quite tough for me! Again, I don’t think artists can discriminate their works.

Let’s take a look on the “Decades” tour that occurred within 2018. How did you feel that you had to take on your shoulders Nightwish’s complete discography since the very beginning?

Wow, it was really nice and we had a great time on the road! Singing those songs was really nice and people really liked it. Me, Troy and Kai had the chance to add our own elements to those songs and make them sound a little bit upgraded too! It seems like Nightwish’s fans loved it.

What is the hardest Nightwish song for you to sing?

“Amaranth”, actually! My voice is quite melodramatical and making this song sound like that can be really challenging, trust me (laughs).

Can you recall a nice time on the road with the boys?

They are so many, but the highlights definitely include Troy’s magic tricks that make things disappear, something really interesting and weird! Another great story comes from the time we were touring the US with Sabaton and Delain and sometimes, at the end of the shows, the guys made our stuff disappear from backstage. Once, they jumped on stage with us and Hannes (Sabaton) was wearing one of my outfits!

What is now being planned for you, regarding your solo release?

It’s not actually a solo release, but a live recording. The live shows have been postponed and none of us can really know what the future will bring. The same goes for the planned Nightwish summer festival shows and tour next winter.

What is the best way for a fan to support his favorite band right now, since the financial loss is huge? I mean yes, merch is always an option, but let’s consider that most countries have forbidden receiving packages or shipping.

Well, the best way I could think right now is streaming or buying the tracks digitally, if there is not the option of physical shopping. But the best way to keep the music spirit alive right now is to listen to the albums we already have at home and teach our kids the importance of having the physical album in our hands. That’s what will keep the spirit alive and the music tradition going on. I’m seeing some bands that are doing some live streaming with a ticket but this option is quite ridiculous to me, at least.

Anything else you would like to add at the end of this interview?

I hope you remain healthy and I really hope to see you all on the road as long as this virus as disappeared. Also, I hope someday we can finally play in Greece, I know that we have a lot of fans there that have been wanting to see us in years.