Hello guys and welcome to Metal Invader! It’s a pleasure hosting you, especially since it’s the first time ever! What’s up? Are you getting ready for your upcoming shows?

Good morning, the joy is all ours, and thank you for giving us the opportunity for this interview.

Indeed, we are in the process of preparing for our three upcoming live performances in Greece, starting with the Eightball Club in Thessaloniki on Thursday, May 9th. Then we will continue on Friday, May 10th, visiting Trikala (Andromeda Music Stage) and Saturday, May 11th, visiting Volos for the Music for All Festival.

From time to time I stumble upon critiques about your second full length record “Coming Of Age” and the truth is that all of them are praising. From your point, having direct access to the crowd’s feedback, what have you gathered?

The truth is that we as well have received good words about our release. However, the views vary with regard to the change in the part of the vocals and perhaps the slightly more “light” production, yet the scales lean towards the positive side bringing great joy to us. In any case, every criticism and opinion is welcome.

Comparing “Coming Of Age” with his predecessor, one would say you left the southern aesthetics aside, letting the groove to take control, while the desert motif with the alternative essence of Amie’s vocal performance redefines your musical map, thus widening more or less your horizons. Is it a change that occurred spontaneously over time or was it a very conscious decision?

From the very beginning we wanted to approach the concept of heavy rock a bit differently, even before the change in the vocal part, attaching to our music a more melodic tone, something that actually came and tied with Amie’s presence. Therefore, it is something that came not only consciously but inevitably.

In my own eyes, what I saw you performing at Rover Bar in Thessaloniki last December everything was magical – especially that last time. I felt the crowdembracing you with a special tenderness and showing you their love in every given opportunity. Ultimately is the crowd and establishing a true relationship with it the driving force for a band like Godsleep?

To begin with, thank you very much; if there is an ideal condition for a Godsleepgig is exactly what you say. As we emphasize several times, both among us (ie the members) and in public, it is precisely this thing: that half of the pleasure we get derives from the fact that we are just on a stage and playing our songs, and the other half comes from the crowd’s participation. On the other hand, a gig without a crowd is not actually a gig, let alone a good gig without an enthusiastic and vibrant audience that responds to every note.

There are many examples of bands that have made changes in their approach, their members, their musical expression in order to renew themselves and produce something fresh. In the case of Godsleep, the change was radical. From masculine, full-bodied vocals, you have jumped to the other side, with the sensual performance of Amie being your voice. How did you get to this change, under what conditions and in what way was Amie finally chosen? The same question applies to changing your drummer.

For the sake of clarity, we have come to replace Kostas because of his move abroad. So, after a long search for a replacement, we decided to go on with Amie. The truth is that we have had a great response – even from abroad! – making it a difficult decision. What facilitated the choice is the aesthetics we wanted to follow – as we said above – and in the end, as we had to make a change, we decided to do it as “stronger” as possible.On the drummer thing now… things are a bit more complex. This was because the band was forced to make some choices and so we had to go on splitting our ways.

Without wishing to give wrong information, Godsleep aren’t enrolled to a particular record company, but only collaborate with some right before the release of each of your albums. Is this a conscious choice? Does it give you the feeling of freedom and security that you do not depend organically on a label?

The information you give is completely correct. For us, labels are collaborators and not bosses, so we couldn’t have some people who would dictate us what to play. Besides, don’t forget that always in the underground, there are no such terms. So, we are very happy that there are labels who believe in us and help to release our music, especially when these people are friends of ours.

Freak Valley, Aquamaria, Yellowstock, Red Smoke, Electric Valley, Exit, Revolution, Rockwave and the list goes on. Having tasted the scenes and the world of the abroad, what would you say are the main similarities and differences between the domestic scene and abroad?

The similarities relate to the part of the crowd. The crowd in both cases is full of enthusiasm and passion for music. The abroad crowd will rush to listen to a group just because they are from Greece, however there are the ones who with their presence and support we managed to get the Greek scene to the level and the awareness that it has today.

The only difference that may hurt a bit is that the rock scene is counting many years, resulting in organizational levels being slightly elevated compared with what we know here. For the very same reason the crowd is more demanding and the competition hardly increased.

If eight years ago, when Godsleep became flesh and bones, someone came and told you that in 2019 you would have had so many appearances abroad, two full lengths and a constantly growing fanbase, what would be your reaction?

Despite the fact thatsince the beginning of our time we took it “seriously” and wanted to reach a level where we could play our music everywhere, I don’t think we truly believed that we would do so much. All the moreat that time, when the Greek bands that were “out” abroad were much less than today. Certainly, what is happening today is the compensation of the great work and effort of all these years.

You are about to embark on a new tour in Greek territory, and as I saw, the dates are up to the end of the summer. Where can we enjoy Godsleep? Are there any thoughts about concerts abroad?

So far, what we can reveal is little compared to what is going to happen. The ones that have been announced for the moment are: Under the Sun Festival on June 30th, and Pre-Post festival in Preveza on August 3rd.

After the end of the summer season, and particularly in November, we will participate in some festivals abroad, which will be framed by our second European tour.

Great! Thank you very much for your time, I look forward to seeing you in Thessaloniki. Instead of a generic interview closing, would you like to send a message to our readers?

Thank you for the opportunity you gave us with this interview, both you and your readers. guys, we’ll see you on the road and we look forward to rocking together, we’ve missed you!