Metal Invader gladly announces that has discovered extra-terrestrial life. It is a tribe called Gravastar and it has visited earth in order to drink beer, play metal music and eventually enslave our planet. With magical means we managed to communicate with their singer, Sotiris Kassakos -his earthly name- and learn some details…. Enjoy!!!

Hello guys! How are you?

Ηello! We are fine, alive and kicking! Glad to be with you.

First of all, let me ask you about your name. Gravastar; what is the meaning of this and why do you choose it for a band-name?

It comes from the words Gravitational Vacuum Star and it’s the point where a star collapses inwards, creating a hard-as-hell protective shell that can’t be destroyed by any force of the universe. It’s an experimental way to combine the black holes theory with quantum string theory and get a huge headache at the end of the day! This name was chosen because Gravastar have that protective shell and are indestructible, at least in our hearts.

Give us some information about the band “Gravastar”. In other words, what would you say to a guy who doesn’t know you?

We came from another planet to drink beer, play metal and live with dignity and fun! Also, we will conquer your planet and kill all humans..

On Facebook, you call yourselves Modern Metal. What exactly is this kind of music? Do you really believe that there are genres in metal? Is this good or not?

In my opinion, there are some vague outlines of what could be called as “genre” in metal, but everyone started calling us “Thrash metal”, “Industrial metal”, “Melodic/electro metal”.. This is a mess, we just put the label “Modern” to give some distinct characterization, but mostly we write the music we like to be heard, and so far we heard many positive and extraordinary comments, and by far the best was “There is no other band in Greece that plays the same genre with you” so I guess we are pioneers?

You released your debut album “Genetic Genesis” some months ago. What is the “backstage” (the history) of this recording?

After I was done with a band that was a member in the past, in the fields of extreme symphonic paths, I decided I wanted to do something of my own. After a spiritual trip to some mountains to be in contact with my people and the mothership, I made up my mind of what I want to create as a musical child. I met Themis from Trendy Hooliguns, I told him of my dream, he loved it and we immediately hit the studio, where we recorded all the songs that I had written. In the meantime, I was trying to find members to make this one-man project a proper band and frankly I found some good-will aliens that joined my cause.

As I can understand, your lyrical themes are about space. Can you explain the title of the album and the words of the songs?

Yes, in a way it’s all about space. It’s actually a story of a spice dealer in another solar system, in which humans and aliens live together under one interplanetary government. The whole album tells his story as he tries to escape from his shady life and create a new life in another world, but things get really tough through his journey, quite tougher than he even expected. I could say it’s a metaphor for a real, more personalized story of my own. As for the title, it’s the technological birth of a “child”, which of course is Gravastar.

How many releases do you have ‘till now? Are there some demos, splits etc except for “Genetic Genesis”?

So far it’s just G.G. First step was the best step, recording a full length album and suddenly boom! We exist!

March will be a crucial month for you!Firstly, as I know, you are prepared for your first video clip and, maybe, March will be filled with this. How are the things going?

Well, our video is out, you can see it on our official YouTube channel “Gravastar Hologrid”. So far we had both good and bad criticism but things are always put into perspective when you project yourself like that towards a vast audience. You can’t be loved by everyone.

Secondly, there are some festivals, in which you will take part in; tell us about these. Also, let us know about your previous live activity (Moshtrip, with Sonata Antartika at An Club etc) and, of course, your plans for the next months.

Moshtrip Tour and opening Sonata Antartika at their release party were both a great experience. I mean, being a 2 month band (and not just a project) and having a full length album and participating in a tour stop as special guests in Athens and then playing with Sonata Antartika in a matter of 2 weeks, is a great experience! As for this month, we will open the 3-day festival WRECK ATHENS in Kyttaro on Friday the 20th.

Last but not least, a live DVD filming is going to be realized in Wreck Athens Festival. Is this true or not?

Guilty as charged! We will record our whole show and release it in the near future! It’s gonna be a kickass set with a couple of surprises! Be there and let’s make history!

Ok, guys, I would like to ask you some questions about your “spacey” thinking! Do you believe that outer space is the solution to the world’s problems? Can we live in other planets? Is there any possibility of life existing in other galaxies?

What do you mean? I am from another planet. The universe is consisted of millions of galaxies, each of those having billions of stars, around which there are almost always planets. It is the most selfish and stupid thing to say that there is no other life form in another planet somewhere in this dark sea. Going to space means thinking outside of the box, being open to new things, new suggestions, new ethics and ways of life. Inhabiting another planet would solve many issues here on Earth that you humans have created in “your” planet. As long as you can adjust to a new gravitational field, you can live on my planet, too. Although it’s a bit far..

Name some bands that influenced you the most…

In random order, I’d say: Sonata Arctica, Kamelot, Children of Bodom, In Flames, Ensiferum, Emperor and of course my beloved non-metal band, Daft Punk!

What do you think is the most important thing for a band that nowadays makes its first steps in the world of music?

Consistency, passion, experimentation, responsibility. No order, these are all a must-have if you want to gain respect and an audience.

Before finishing this interview, I would like you to talk about your future plans.

As we said before, we will be recording our show in WRECK ATHENS FEST for a Live DVD release. After that, maybe a couple of more shows in Athens and hopefully in Thessaloniki, and then we will enter our dark cave to evaluate our journey so far and plot your demise and our success.

Last words are yours! Thank you guys!

Thank you for your time and wonderful questions! We hope to see you all in WRECK ATHENS FEST as well as other shows we are arranging for you! May the Force be with you!