Greetings from Greece, guys! Welcome to our Metal Invader!

It’s a pleasure, thank you for the consideration.

Congratulations on your debut album, by the way. I had the chance to hear it in its’ entirety and I’m astonished. This is exactly what I had been looking for lately. Would you change anything on the record today, however?

Fantastic to hear, glad you enjoyed it. There are some mixing issues that I would tackle if I had full control over it, but nothing songwriting-wise. We were just a bit rushed to get it finished near the end, and had to leave for a tour. There’s always more you can do. Would have added a few superfluous sounds effects and what not.

Idle Hands are born right after Spellcaster’s burial. What led you to give an end to them and be reincarnated as Idle Hands in some way?

It was Spellcaster’s time. Our main guitarist quit out of disinterest, and our singer quit in a rage at practice a few months later. I was doing my best to manage and hold the band together for years, but it fell apart and when it did I felt like a failure. I was lost for some months after that, a bit disillusioned with music and life in general. Little did I know that this was a blessing in disguise, and it was through this tribulation that I developed a different philosophy towards music and art. I do what I want now, and I am much happier.

You have only been active for two years, yet you managed to have heads turning for you since the “Don’t Waste Your Time”. What has been in blame for this?

I began writing our first song in July of 2017. I released our first song in January 2018 and then the EP in late June. So we’ve been around more realistically about 9 months. I am extremely humbled by the outpouring of support for the band. As I write this we are driving through Sweden on our second European tour and shortly here we are coming up on our 50th show. The reason we have been able to do all this is pure luck, but we make our own. Luck is when hard work and opportunity collide. We work, and keep our heads forward only.

Tell us about your inspirations. Many people might consider the mixture of heavy and gothic elements quite weird, especially since the heavy metal fanbase is holding red flags pretty much most of the time when it comes to music.

As I mentioned earlier my entire musical philosophy has changed. I don’t set out to impress others, I need to impress myself first. That is the only way I can put out anything slightly original. I operate on the idea that most people are taught at 5 years old. “There is no one in the world just like you, you are unique” this is true for everyone on earth, so when I write, I try to connect with what is unique within myself and transfer that to the songs. The whole goth/trad metal thing was an accident, I never planned it, it just turned out that way. People have to label it something

I am in love with both the artwork from “Mana” and “Don’t Waste your time”. Who is the mastermind behind it?

Thank you very much, both the ideas came to me after some careful thought, but couldn’t have been brought to life without the brilliant artists Justin Kaye (Don’t Waste Your Time EP) and Adam Burke (Mana) – I like to leave these covers open to the listeners interpretation. There is no wrong answer to what it means.

Since we’re talking about “Don’t Waste Your Time”, the question arises – who wastes time on what? I’m trying to do a connection with the lyrical themes here!

Again this is something that’s open to the listener. Don’t waste your time in life, don’t waste your time on religion, don’t waste your time on this records, do whatever you want, just DO. Too many people spend their lives wishing.

Many people have been comparing your musical paths or even giving credits to the late In Solitude for your music. What are your thoughts on them?

Love the band, especially their last record “Sister” however I think we have 2 very different styles. I wish they would do some reunion shows

You are due to appear in Athens later in May, along with Aetherian at the Crow Club. What are your expectations and what should our expectations be from an Idle Hands show?

Yes I am really looking forward to that show as well. I don’t expect anything from the audience, it’s our responsibility to entertain, however I think that every person coming to a rock concert should want to have a good time. We will play every song we have for the Athenians and hopefully everyone goes home happy.

Is it too early to ask about your next steps, since your debut just came out? Any plans though?

It depends on how well Mana does. That being said, next record will most likely be out spring 2021, at the latest. I think we may be able to do earlier just depends. We have a lot of touring lined up.

Thank you so much! I’m really hoping to make it to Athens!

Would be great to see you there. Thank you!