What does Impenetrable Darkness mean?

Good evening, Crystal. First of all, thank you for the invitation, with which you give us for the very first time the opportunity to express the ideology that motivates and “leads” this band. The reason we chose this name is because we wanted to avoid any religious / theological reference as we believe that any attempt by man to describe darkness has failed. So we used as simple a language as possible to avoid falling into this trap.

What was your vision and influences in early 2011? What was on your mind?

The band, since the very beginning, was primarily influenced by the early and later Swedish black metal scene. Legends such as Watain, Bathory, Craft and Dissection surprised us as listeners and influenced our musical development as artists. Apart from that, I think that more classic types of metal played a big role in the shaping of the band, with a great emphasis on the first wave of black metal as well as the heavy one. The purpose of the band has always been to create music capable of stimulating the ancient human instincts, which are violently free and uncontrollable. Music that speaks to the soul and results in musically expressing the pure form of eternal destruction, avoiding clichés and commercialization.

“Loyalty In Blackness”, your first album, was released in 2014. Since then, there was silence from you, both from the lives stages and the studio. What’s the reason behind that?

Our commitment to staying true to what we stand for and our choice not to compromise with mediocre results led us to various technical problems, which resulted in us staying away from the studio for so long. As far as live performances are concerned, the right conditions have not been created yet to take place in our measurements, so we have again avoided compromising on something that does not fully satisfy us. However, this silence was essentially “broken” a few days ago with the release of the EP “Cosmic Termination”, which we consider to be a successful successor to the full-length, which deals with various scenes of the revelation that mark the end of the world.

Would you change anything on the album today? The reason is that many musicians are not 100% satisfied with their creation, coming back to it as listeners and not participants in its creation.

Unfortunately, we don’t think it’s possible for a composer to ever be able to disengage from his creation and function as a listener. We also believe that everything must be judged by taking into account the conditions around which it was created. The energy, the wild instincts and the creativity embodied in this album make it unique for us whenever these feelings are still present in every listen and so every technical irregularity of ours is indifferent.

Cliché, but I really have to ask. What is missing for you from the Hellenic scene?

We believe that the Hellenic scene is no longer a subject when it comes to music, so its geographical designation, especially now at the age of the internet, this does not make much sense. The Greek scene of the 90s was one of the biggest in the world, and although it did not play such a big role in our band, it cultivates respect for us. In addition,during the recent years, there have been several releases from Greece that have surprised us positively.

Let’s get to your new EP, “Cosmic Termination”. What does this release deal with, lyrically?

“Cosmic Termination” deals with various sceneries of the revelation, which mark the end of the world. We use elements and symbolism based on the book of revelation to focus on the man’s rage to destroy himself, those around them and everything he finds in his path. Immortal death in the face of this delirium seems like the only solution.

The EP consists of two tracks, “Ageless Death” and “Infinite of Black Destruction”. Which do you prefer and why?

One complements the other lyrically, as “The Infinite Of Black Destruction” deals with the causes of human-centered phenomena while “Ageless Death” leads us to the result and its destiny, death.

What’s wrong with today’s black metal? Not exactly musically, but as for the whole mentality.

Initially, we believe that nowadays many bands lack meaning and direction. In the age of the internet, anyone can become a musician and thus create a crowd and a conspiracy of failed attempts. As a result, bands with the right skills are left in the lurch, while we see bands that are constantly recycling the same music over and over. In addition, we have seen a trend in recent years to make bands that clearly aim to gain fame and money something that should surprise us all since it conflicts with the very essence of this sound.

By the end of the pandemic phase, what can we expect from you, if live shows are finally allowed to occur? Is a full length coming soon, albeit slowly?

The band has been completing the compositions for the next full length for some time now, we are in the pre-production phase. In a reasonable amount of time there will be news. With the release of the next full length, we will consider the possibility of live performances as long as something arouses our interest.