Hello, this is Elpida from Metal Invader. It’s a pleasure to exchange a few words with you. Getting straight to the point, “No God” was released a few months back. What’s the feedback you’ve been getting from both press and the band’s fans? Personally speaking, I enjoyed the record and listened to it multiple times, so I guess it has made quite an impression to the band’s followers as well.

Chris: Greetings Elpida we greatly appreciate that and I’ll just say we are thrilled with the response we are receiving. We hope many that have not opened the door to our music will discover something that will inspire them.

Why did it take you 13 years to release a new record? Was it a deliberate decision to abstain from composing a new full length album or did you come across any difficulties that refrained you from doing so? If the latter is the case, what kind of obstacles did you have to overcome? Was it the lineup, the labels etc?

Chris: It was all obstacles. One road block after another. It really wears you down. We started knocking over those road blocks one by one. It wasn’t easy. There was many moments when it looked like we were on the edge of failure but we kept pushing forward. Sometimes ruthlessly.

It’s obvious to a careful listener that Infernäl Mäjesty have put a lot of mental and physical effort in “No God”, thus creating a straight – forward aesthetic and building a quite intimate bidirectional relationship. Would you like to paint us a picture of how “No God” was conceived and how did it actually come to life?

Chris: Its started with a phone call. We had to forget about our past differences and just focus on the music. We were all on the same mental wavelength when it came to writing the music we wanted to achieve. We had a plan of attack and we followed through. With the Demon God Demo we had a foundation to build from as new concepts and ideas came to life. We reworked those songs, though that came after we started writing new material. We had a lot manifesting inside us that needed an outlet. There just needed to be some direction to unleash it towards.

It seemed to me that while “No God” features that dark and malevolent songwriting we initially encountered in “None Shall Defy”, the way it’s delivered and technically executed reminded me of the musicianship in “Unholier Than Thou”. Would you say that’s actually the case? If it is, did it happen intentionally or did it just ‘clicked’ along the way?

Chris: A keen ear indeed can hear a little ‘Unholier’ in the song writing. That just clicked but we also wanted to bring back elements of our roots that were not as obvious on our last two albums. It’s been real hear- warming in many ways as so many get what we were trying to do. We didn’t try to break any new boundaries but we just wanted to write good heavy music that didn’t sound dated but still celebrated our humble beginnings.

I noticed that you paid elaborate attention to the mid tempo passages and the bass lines more, which, the latter, sound a lot better now, instead of focusing on the purely thrash parts. Why did you do that? Not that’s something to cringe about, far from it. 

Chris: Its a balancing act for us. We are our own worst critiques. We felt these songs needed room for the listener to explore. Its a reason to really keep coming back to the songs. When we were writing the album we hadn’t found a new bass player yet and we didn’t want to just fill in the bass parts with something mundane so Steve and Kenny wrote and played their own bass parts for the songs.

“Systematical Extermination” and “Nation of Assassins” were re-recorded and included in “No God”. What urged you to do that? How much did these songs change and why?

Chris: The songs were originally written for the Demon God Demo so it was the natural progression they would appear on the next full length album. It just wasn’t anticipated at the time it would take several years for them to finally become tracks on an album. They are fantastic songs that had to be part of No God. In some ways they were the catalyst for the writing we did to complete the album. Having so many years to sit on the songs we felt we needed to re examine them.

As far as I know, you’ve always produced your own albums. Same thing with “No God”. Do you feel that this way you have total control over your songs?

Chris: We feel very comfortable producing our own albums but we would also be willing to work with the right producer. We are always open to explore new boundaries. Tom Treumuth helped us produce Unholier and we think he did a antastic job so our one and only experience working with a producer was a good experience but we also have witnessed what a producer can do to destroy a band and leave their fans scratching their heads.

Infernäl Mäjesty’s fascination with Satan, War, Darkness etc is and has always been one of the most characteristic features of the band. The artwork you decided to accompany “No God” I believe it truly reflects that foreboding, ominous atmosphere you want to create. Halfway in your booklet there’s a section where you speak about the inhumane character of religion, 9/11 and the government’s constant letdowns and so on. In a few words, what’s the message Infernäl Mäjesty want to convey and what can humanity do to save itself from collapsing to the point of no return?

Chris: That’s a great question that would need room for a great discussion but we need to realize there is only one race, the human race. If we could all lose any religious identity and just be humans excepting our different ethnicities working as one civilization under one sun excepting science as our guide then discoveries that would ensue would secure a more prosperous future and longer life spans. We could also put more resources into education instead of greed and destruction but sadly there isn’t a message of hope or a rainbow on the horizon with our new album but as Steve would say, ”Were fucked.” When you realize that there is nothing after death, no god, no heaven, you appreciate life even more. Religion provides an excuse for inaction. In many cases we are forgetting we are stewards of the earth. Sadly as we have written with the song Extinction Level Event, we are in the sixth great mass extinction right now and its one minute to midnight.

“No God” marks Infernäl Mäjesty’s 30th anniversary as a band. When you come to actually think of it, it’s 30 fuckin’ years; a whole life. How does it feel to have become a part of universal music history? Is it a ‘burden’? Does this raise your responsibility levels towards your music, your fans and yourselves?

Chris: We are just grateful for the support we have received from our fans over all these years. They are the best. 30 years is a longtime and we hope to go another 30 more. I personally feel it does raise our level of responsibility or expectations from our fans. As much as we write music for ourselves we don’t want to let our fans down. It’s part of the reason come hell or high water we keep on pushing. We hope more will be inspired to follow their dreams.

Reflecting on the past as a continuum, all those years come with multiple, various lessons about life in all its aspects. What has made Infernäl Mäjesty mature over the years, what has changed, what has remained the same? What’s the band’s highest and what’s its lowest moment?

Chris: Two things that have remand the same is our sense of humor and our love for writing music. When it’s something you dream about as a kid it doesn’t leave you as you get older, not for us anyways. Looking back whats made us mature apart from the inevitable sands of time is our own individual life experiences outside of the band and how we have each, almost subconsciously turned that into something we can each bring to the table as it relates to Infernal Majesty. I think its obvious to all that have followed our bands history that there is nothing but love for writing extreme music that is in our soulless bodies. We have had so many low moments its hard to say what was the lowest so we tried to take that experience and turn it into knowledge so we don’t make the same mistakes again. I would say the highest moment in our careers is happening right now and we are only at the mountains base. We still have a lot to accomplish and many goals we would still like to achieve but in a lot of ways we feel this is a new beginning for us and we are looking forward to getting out on the road and recording the follow up to No God.

Will Infernäl Mäjesty book any gigs in order to promote “No God”? Any chance of visiting Greece?

Chris: There is no doubt we will be playing Greece again. We can’t wait to return. In the book I’m writing there will be some great stories about our adventures in Greece. We are trying to sort out a European tour that will be mind blowing so stop by our Facebook page to keep up to date on the latest Infernal news and lookout for the new No God music video coming out in October.

Alright! That’s all from me for the time being! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions! It’s been a pleasure! Take care!

Thank you Elpida! Best wishes my friend! Hails to Metal Invader!