Since it’s the first ever interview on Metal Invader, please tell us something about the history of Infernal Storm so far.

Infernal Storm was created in early 2021. So far we have realised one E.P On Thorns Ov Hell in September 3rd, and approximately on year later we realised the promopack XVII.IV.XX.) 

You have released only one officially EP “On Thorns Ov Hell” and a promo/ 3 song sampler from the upcoming studio album on June. How soon shall we expect your debut?

We are confident that debut album we are talking about will be realised sometime in early 2023.

Which bands have you been influenced by ?

Our influences vary and someone could categories our sound from Hellenic Black Metal to something more northern like Swedish Black Metal

What procedures do you normally follow when composing? Do you bring whole tracks ready to be recorded or do they come out from rehearsals?

Normally, most of the music is written by me, but any ideas that make come up in the studio, are gonna be considered.

Lyrically speaking which subjects seem to feel more intimate to your personalities? Are History and Mythology the best issues to match your music direction?

All lyrics are inspired from our on experiences in life.

Tell me some things about the cover art and the rest of the artwork.

The whole concept behind the artwork is based on the lyrics of the promopack! mars did an amazing work it was exactly as i had envisioned it.

You will play live with Borknagar this weekend in Athens and Thessaloniki. How do you feel about that ?

It’s a pure honor for us to share the same stage with them!

What should we expect from your live appearance there?

Those 2 shows are very special for as because it’s our first appearance in both Thessaloniki & Athens!

Are there any other plans for live gigs in Greece or abroad?

Yes. We have one more show in September 11th with Septicflesh at Kastoria.

Thank you for your time. The last words are yours!

Thank you a lot for this interview! Ι hope to see you again soon with the release of our upcoming album! Support The Underground !!!