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Rockwave is almost here…and Metal Invader has got you covered by interviewing the festival’s bands and giving you a heads up for what is yet to come! This time we host Jacks Full! Enjoy!

Good evening guys, I welcome you to Metal Invader and I begin the interrogation! A small bio is necessary I think…

Good evening from us as well. We are Jacks Full from Athens and we are ready for interrogation!

More than 10 years of friendship, sharing the same passion for music, led to the creation of an authentic hard rock sound as you yourselves say in your page. Do you listen to the same bands?

Look, all 3 of us listen to a lot of music. From 70s classic rock to 80s metal – hard rock, even modern rock and metal. We listen to many similar things, but also to many different ones and all these together lead to the sonic result who can listen to our songs. We don’t agree to everything, but friction and trying is what helps you find your musical identity.

You introduced yourselves to us in 2014 and already in 2015 you released your first complete album and then silence… at least as far as discography goes. Why did it take you so long to go into the studio?

Releasing the first album was quite difficult to start with. We did a lot of mistakes, we were also “fresh” in the game and we had to face many difficulties until we have a complete outcome in our hands. Nevertheless, you have to start from somewhere, “officially” at least, so after the first album in 2015 we thought of doing a retrospection and to promote that material in the best possible way. That’s why it took us some time to get back to the studio, we wanted this time to be more prepared and ready for the presentation of our new work.

As I said, there was an absence from discography, but not from live shows. Do you think this is the best way for a new band to pick up experience and get ready for the next step?

We believe that not only the best, but the only way for a band to pick up experience is by playing live. Small, big, good, bad they all give you priceless experience and most of all you can see how people react to your material. That’s why we did a lot of shows in Athens and in the province, we exchanged views with the people and saw what they like and what they don’t like, so we have a better picture of the whole scene. Of course the live shows is the way to see if you are ready to make the next step as a band.


How would you characterize your music and in which musical group would you categorize those who listen to you?

To be honest we don’t really like labels, our music is modern rock with some metal elements and American sound. If we need to categorize a bit we would say it’s hard/heavy rock.

What is the new element in your songs? What did inspire you?

The new songs are one step closer to what we want to create as our own musical identity. It’s a mixture of all our personal influences and what we listen to, as also our musical evolution through the years we have been playing together. Everything is very well worked, imagine that we started with 20-30 ideas and we ended up with the 9 we thought were “better” to include in our new album. However cliché it might sound, we strongly believe in the new material and for sure it’s the best work we have done as Jacks Full until now.

When do you think your new work will be released and are you satisfied from the recordings so far? Is that part already done and in which point are you already?

We have completed all the recordings and it has been very good and now we are mixing the album taking care of every detail. The goal is all the songs to be heard in the best possible way and everything together to make Jacks Full sound. We hope that in the beginning of the fall we will be ready with everything and we will be ready for the release.

How difficult and how expensive a sport is to have band?

A lot! Especially if you are trying to do it in a “professional” way, besides money it needs a lot of time and effort and for many different things. Unfortunately we don’t live in the 70’s and nobody will take you by the hand to take over production, mixing, videoclips, touring etc. You have to build everything on your own and slowly make a name for yourself. So, it is not only about money, but also how much a band is willing to make the necessary sacrifices in order to achieve something in the scene.

Many bands trust their promotion through PR companies. How difficult is DIY anyway?

If you are lucky, a PR company can certainly prove helpful. We are more of the DIY logic which is something far more difficult for sure. As we said before, you have to invest time in many different things, one of them is PR. By using smartly the internet and social media you can create a nice image and make your music be heard in the whole world. As long as you are capable and willing to invest the necessary time.

And then comes the Rockwave proposal… is there any tiny bit of anxiety? You have the difficult task of starting the day under a hot sun! What would you say to Rollin’ Dice who have to do the same thing as you?

Are you kidding me? Of course we are anxious, haha! For us Rockwave is something we are waiting for every summer, an institution that we participate in since we were kids and now suddenly we will be on its stage. Let it be a hard task, let it be warm! Be sure that all of you who will come early on, will not regret it. We, as also the guys from Rollin’ Dice and other Greek bands, are representing the Greek scene in this year’s lineup. So, we are obliged to give back something to the people who will be there early and warm them up for the chaos that will ensue.

Thank you for this interview and I let you have the last word! 

We thank you for the interest and for the very good job that Metal Invader does so many years in the rock and metal scene. We are expecting you early on the 19th and 20th of July in Rockwave and stay tuned on the Jacks Full camp, because the best is yet to come!