Jag Panzer are returning to Europe. And I guess that everyone can understand what that means; some killer shows on the way, right? Right. While their latest “The Deviant Chord” release is still hammering my speakers, I drop a line to guitarist Mark Briody to get the latest updates for the shows, for the band, for the next album and everything else Panzer related.

Hail to the Panzer. Thanks for taking the time to answer the boring questions of an actual Panzer fan.

I’m sure they’re good questions!  I’m ready to go!

One and a half year have passed since the release of “The Deviant Orchid”. Have you -Mark and the band rest of the band members- returned to the album as listeners? Have you discovered any new strong or weak points to it?

It takes me years to return to an album as a listener.  I’m finally starting to listen to ‘Scourge of the Light’.  I get so up close and personal with an album that it takes a long time to clear my mind to listen.

We had to wait six years for the latest album to be released. Really why it took you so long to complete it?

We don’t live in the same town and I rarely see the guys.  That makes it more difficult and time consuming to work on an album.  Our albums are not Mark Briody solo albums, so it takes time to create music with each band member in mind.

So the above answer kind of explains the fact that Panzer is not the type of the “we make an album every single year”…

We’d probably make albums a little more often if we lived in the same area and worked only as professional musicians.

Really what is the exact composing process of each and every new Panzer song? How long does it take for an initial idea to turn into a complete composition?

I start with process and write everything, then demo it.  Then Harry gets involved and we start making changes.  Then we record everything again.  Then my band mates start getting involved and making improvements.

Have you already played any of the latest stuff live? How does it work?

Yes, we played some new material last year at Bang Your Head and on a small east coast tour.  It was well received.  I enjoyed playing the new material live, it was a nice change of pace.

You are actually returning to Europe for shows. Can you give any details? Is it a complete tour or just some one off live shots?

It’s a complete tour.  10 countries.  Starting in London and ending in Sweden.  Should be cool!  I am very excited it!

Greece will host the Panzer once again. And I am more than aware that Jag Panzer keeps some extra force for each and every Greek date. I remember opening for you guys with an old band I used to sing for and oh god… This show was a blast! So… Anything special for those Greek dates?

Greece is always very special for us!  I LOVE playing Greece, so many great metal fans there and such a cool environment.  Any time I’m in Greece is special for me.

Harry has involved to some other projects lately -Three Tremors-. How the hell does he manage to find time and courage for everything -laughs-?

It actually helps his voice.  He’s been a well trained singer for his whole life, he always had vocal coaches and people like that.  He knows how to properly use his voice, so singing a lot actually helps him.  Plus the Three Tremors is a great band so he gets the fun and experience of going out with them.

Speaking about projects… Many people have asked me if Mr Tafola have plans for a new solo album? And if Mr Briody has any similar thoughts?

I don’t know if Joey is doing a solo album.  Not sure.  If I did one it wouldn’t be metal.  All my metal needs are met by Jag Panzer.  I would probably do horror soundtrack music like the Italian masters Goblin.

Panzer back catalog is being re issued. High Roller released a fifth pressing of “Ample Destruction” this February. There is also this “Historical Battles” box set and some more represses that have been done. Are you happy?

High Roller have been fantastic.  They are always concerned about sound quality and providing a good product for the fans.  People are always asking for Ample and they have done a great job with it.

Jag Panzer next album? Dream or possible reality?

It’s always a dream for me until it happens.  I have always felt that way.  So many things happen in life.  The guy that works on my guitars forever ran into a bear last year and suffered some terrible injuries to his hand.  Terrible things sometimes happen, so I never take things for granted.  Making a Jag Panzer album is always special to me, so it’s always a dream until it happens.

Well ok that was it. Close this boring question bunch the way you like. But leave a message or a warning to the Greek Panzer Bangers.

See you guys soon!  I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!  GREECE RULES!!