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I was reading a comment below Benighted’s new video ‘Reptilian’ while listening and thiking what to write as an introduction for this interview and it said ‘Fuck these guys never disapppoint’ and that is true. Their new album ‘Necrobreed’ is almost here and Metal Invader had a talk with them a few months ago on their live show in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Hello guys this is Geegor from Metal Invader magazine / Greece. First of all welcome to Sofia, i guess its the first time for you guys here, what were your expectations from the crowd? Did you like the show?

Hey Geegor !! Absolutely, very first time here in Sofia, we arrived by plane and went directly to the venue, we are very excited to be here tonight! We heard that the crowd in Bulgaria was totally crazy and we just had the occasion to check this out! We had an amazing time with you guys! Moshpit, circle-pit, wall of death… what a great night!!!

The club was packed with people, i suppose that you indeed have some fan base going on here.

Ha ha I guess so and I was very surprised that lots of people actually know the lyrics of the songs and screamed with me during the show! It’s really heart-warming to receive such a support from a crowd of a country you come for the very first time in!

Brutal Death Metal,News,France,Season Of Mist, Benighted,Video,News,2017

You have a new album coming out soon. How did the recordings go, when is the release date?

Yes, we recorded this summer our new album at the Kohlekeller studio in Germany and it will be out on 17 February 2017 on Season of Mist. It’s always a pleasure to record there as Kohle is really a part of the Benighted family and we try together to find some new stuff to make our sound each time more extreme. Everything went very easily as we had time for preproduction before entering the studio and we exactly knew what to do once there. This album will definitely be the most extreme one in the Benighted discography!

We also saw some line up changes in the band, what happened to Gab? Is Pierre going to handle the 2nd guitar now?

Ah ah! That’s just occasional! Gab is actually in the US now for his honeymoon and couldn’t afford to come to the shows so we asked our very good friend Charles to play bass for these 3 shows and Pierre played guitars, which actually is his very first instrument. We know Charles for a long time as he already played some bass for Benighted during the tour with The Black Dahlia Murder at the beginning of the year! He is a great musician and a great person!

Your long time drummer Kevin Foley left the band some time ago after 10 years recording and touring with you. Do you think that things are going to be different without him and his uniquely aggressive way of drumming?

Of course, his drumming is so special and Kevin is one my best friends so it was a bit hard to think about the band without him, but we always knew that this day would happen and we had trust in finding a new drummer who could bring Benighted to a new level! Remember that when Kevin entered Benighted, he was only 17 and even didn’t know what a blast-beat was! Ha ha! We were very lucky to find Romain who is, as everyone knows, one of the best extreme drummers in the world! His drumming is very different and it brings a new color to our music which goes exactly in the direction we wanted for the new album!

I guess it won’t be a problem for Romain which we all know of what he is capable of! His performance was simply amazing. How was his contribution in the band and on the new album? Is he going to be a permanent member from now on?

It was very easy for Romain to make his spot in Benighted as he is such a nice guy and such a professional musician! We wanted this album to be the fastest and most violent ever and I don’t think it could have been possible with someone else, Romain has barely no limit in speed, technics and groove, you will discover what he brought to the Benighted music when you’ll listen to the new album! And of course, he is our permanent drummer now; he told us that he was very happy to discover such a friendly family where everything is at the same time so much fun and professional.

Brutal Death Metal,News,France,Season Of Mist, Benighted,Interviews,News,2017

Back to the album, your music has evolved a lot through the years and i think that with each new release it’s getting more extreme, more brutal and more dark and aggressive as well. Is the new album going to follow that direction?

Exactly, and the particular fact on this new album called “Necrobreed” is that there are a lot of crazy parts with insane atmospheres, in the spirit of the 80ies horror movies if you know what I mean. The concept of the album has been written like a horror movie scenario and the music follows this way perfectly! Prepare yourself for the most brutal and crazy Benighted album ever!

In 2 years the band will celebrate its 20th year anniversary, any plans on how you’re going to celebrate this?

We didn’t really think about it until now but of course we will do something special, 20 year in a band career is a big step and we have to celebrate that like we always do, in the best insane and violent way!

I hope to see you guys in southern Europe soon! The gig was freaking awesome!

Thank you so much bro, we hope to be back very soon!!!