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Good evening guys! I’m very happy for hosting you for the second time at Metal Invader! It’s been a few days sinve your last live performance with Bewized and Sewn Mouth in Thessaloniki, a concert that despite its difficulties left us with the best impressions. What is the next step for KBC?

Good evening!

It was a strange concert for us. Our singer had just got out of the hospital and it was actually impossible for him to sing. However, we made the decision to go up on stage and do what we know best. And we’rereally happy that you enjoyed it. Next step, a gig with all 5 of us, hahaha!

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing you perform twice. The main flavor that Kin Beneath left me with was a ‘strange’ feeling of you sharing a tight, close to family one, bond, beyond your excellent performance. I mean, you share such a wonderful chemistry, as if an inseparable bond has been created. Isn’t that actually the case? What do you think this is due to?

We don’t think we are a band, we feel like a family. We’re close to each other. The four out of five of us have been playing together for many years, before we even named our formation “Kin Beneath Chorus,” we have essentially grown together, so all this is not just a band for us. It is literally a great part of our life that we love and care for.

A few months ago, you announced that the Inhuman Rage drummer would take the reins behind your drums. First of all, what led you to this change and on what criteria did you rely on for trusting Nash as your new member?

We wouldn’t want to go into a lot of detail on this subject. With the previous drummer, we just parted ways for a variety of reasons. As far as the new drummer is concerned, the basic criterion was to fit as a human with us. You can always find a good drummer, good kids are scarce. Nash is ‘horny’, a true monster behind his kit and a good kid simultaneously.

Your second full length album entitled “Invia” was released last May via Straight From The Heart Records. Initially, that was your first official release with this label after the release of your split with Embrace The Paradox. What was that thing that won you over and made you decid to work at this level with Straight From The Heart Records?

With SFTH we have a very beautiful and close collaboration. We communicate well with each other and the label has helped us a lot, so we agreed to bring this album together.

I consider “Invia” as one of the best albums released in Greece for 2017, both in terms of inspiration and performance. The band touched unpredictable levels. It’s a truly impressive record, and this was reflected on the press’ reviews and how it was embraced by the crowd itself. Did you expect that huge appreciation?

Thank you very much! There is a very nice response from the crowd, that’s true. This gives us incredibly much power to do even more. We expected that the crowd would dig it, we believed in our material. But it surely surpassed some of our expectations.

Give us some information about the album! For example, where did you draw your inspiration from, how you worked, what your goal was, and so on…

Our goal, just to write music.

For starters we begin with the guitar riffs. There is an exchange of ideas and enough jamming. After the drums and bass have beencomposed, we start the writing the vocals. Generally everything goes through a sieve. Without exaggeration we can say that 90% of the riffs we write go straight to the trash bin. We are not sorry, and we are not afraid to say our point of view and that’s a huge issue. If a riff / line etccan’t find its way to all of the members, we will just say no and willkeep moving forward. No hard feelings.

Inspiration? From everywhere (rare answer, hahaha)

The Greek crowd is a bit restricted, let alone the audience you are addressing. It is known to all of us how much short minded people can be and how easily ‘we’ shut the door to everything that exceeds our metal comfort zone. What is the fault of this and how did Kin Beneath Chorus find ways to claim and conquer a piece of the pie?

In general, we believe that too many things and stereotypes play a role. We won’tfocuson these. We believe that if you do something right and good, others will respect it. Whether they like our music or not. We don’t know whether we sound arrogant or anything similar. As we said above, we BELIEVE MUCH in what we do, we love it. When we spend two or three months without doing it, we go nuts. Perhaps this plays a role? I don’t know…

What’s the next stage for Kin Beneath and what are you planning for the near future? For example, in addition to your last appearance with Bewized and Sewn Mouth, do you have any live gigs in your plans?

We have a lot of gigs on our schedule, mainly outside the country. We are currently preparing a European tour and several other outings. Maybe a Greek tour, as well? Maybe… time will tell. If things go our way, it’ll be special, we promise!

Well, thanks for taking the time to answer everything! We’ll keep in touch!