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Hello Alex, what’s up? How are you holding on?

Hello there! Considering the lockdown, well. I try to keep me alive mostly by writing music.

It’s difficult for everybody. Well, Konquest was founded in Prato, Italy in 2020. It started as a solo project of yours. In your very first full length album “The Night Goes On” you were the mastermind of all compositions and lyrics as well, which is impressive. Tell us about this one man’s job? I mean, you made all the recording by yourself too, if I’m not mistaken.

Yes, I actually recorded all the instruments myself. The total of the album was recorded at Hill Valley Studio. I personally composed all the songs of the record and was engaged with mixing too, with the assistance of Ivan Lo Mauro and Giuliano Funari. In mastering though I did not intervene, as it was completely undertaken by Bart Gabriel himself.

At the moment, have you actually formed a band? Who are the other members? Are you able to rehearse?

Yes, now we do actually are a full band. Konquest consists of Matt on guitar, Steve on drums, Evan on the bass, and me on vocals. We ‘ve been friends for many years, so I asked them to join me in the new project of mine -Konquest- and so here we are ready to start rehearsing and give some gigs, when of course we are allowed to do so.

Band’s name, Konquest, appears with a K instead of a C, why is that so?

Well, the meaning remains the same, I mean with the C spelling, so it refers to the act of subjugation of an enemy by force, kind of an epic style name. Basically, I’ ve chosen to be written with a K just to make a dereference, plus it was more powerful as a logo and it pointed up the artwork of the album too.

For the release of your album you chose the Polish record label Iron Oxide Records, founded by mighty Bart Gabriel. You entrusted him also the mastering of the album. How did you end up to Bart and how was working with him during the Pandemic?

Actually I was the one reaching out for him via email. We haven’t met each other in person. When Konquest released the demo in April of 2020 I post it at the keep it true page and he wrote back to me, asking me whether I was interested to make a full length album, in case I was going for it anyway. Then we arranged all the details considering mastering and financial details, and that was it, our interplay was on.

Any bands that influenced Konquest’s sound? Did any of them inspire you to compose your full length album?

Mainly I’m influenced by New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands, like Crucifixion, Wolf, Tank. But I also get a lot of inspiration by 70’s bands like Thin Lizzy, and Wishbone Ash.

The sound and structure of your songs (even vocals’ approach) are already being characterized as similar to early Heavy Load’s period. Do you agree with this assumption?

For sure, I didn’t mention them before, but I’m a huge fan of Heavy Load. I mean, they were always my main inspiration and maybe this is more than obvious in the album as well. When I saw them live in 2018, I’m telling you, it was one the best moments in my entire life.

I have a feeling that in Italy there is a slight movement of new bands reviving the 80’s old school heavy metal sound. Could you give us some extra feedback?

There are for sure some interesting bands taken also this path, like Game Over, Tytus, or Vultures Vengeance. For sure, there is a strong metal community in Italy again nowadays and there were a bunch of heavy metal gigs before Pandemic, so the scene is very much alive.

What about the promotion of the album? Are there any plans for the near future?

Unfortunately, due to Pandemic we do not have very concrete plans. In the big picture though we are thinking about programming some gigs, rehearsing and of course I’m already writing some new material.

Thank you Alex for your time and this interview for Metal Invader,

It was a pleasure, thank you so much!