A few days before they visit our country for 2 blasting shows in Athens and Thessaloniki we talked with Kreator’s  Finnish guitarist Sami Yli-Sirniö about  “Gods Of Violence” and their  upcoming shows…

Good afternoon Sami! As almost a year have passed since the release of your last album “Gods Of Violence” what’s the feedback from the press and fans? Would you change anything on it?

Good afternoon from Lille France. The year has gone fast. We have been playing 6 or seven of the new songs live lately and the crowd response has been fantastic. They even seem to know to lyrics.

You have a number of releases with a more or less similar writing approaching. Do you think that you might have been in a way ‘lazy on experimenting’ on your studio albums?

On “Gods Of Violence” We definitely experimented more than on its predecessor Phantom Antichrist. Who knows maybe next time even more. When recording I like to serve the song itself and give it what it needs. It is easy to “overproduce” with the technology available today. I like to keep things organic and also have the possibility to perform the songs live as they are on the album. Atleast close to it.

On the other hand you seem to work a lot on your videos and the clips. Especially the Polish Grupa 13’s ideas that was brilliant. How do you think about filming a kind of a collection of videos or a movie based on the songs of your albums? 

Grupa 13 made an excellent job with the videos. A group of true creative Artists. An entire movie? Why not? Do you want to write the Script?

Speaking about videos once again you mentioned Greece on “Civilization Collapse” (after the 1989’s legendary ‘Betrayer’). Strong lyrics and strong images as you don’t afraid on telling your opinion about what is happening in the world. Tell us more about the global political developments. How do you see the rise of right wing sovinists in Europe and The States?

I come from Finland and I am sad to say our foreign minister arose from the ranks of a populistic fairly right wing party. This worries me a lot and I’m glad his term is over soon and the support of his party is decreasing rapidly. Donald Trump’s rise to power doesn’t make me feel good at all either. I believe his true intentions were never to become president but merely attract attention. Unfortunately he made it. Europe faces a lot of problems because of discrepancies in income and that is bound to lead to severe problems in society.

As usual you’ve been around the world touring promoting the new release. And thankfully we are going to see you again in Greece after 1 ½ year. What we should expect from you? And as a follow-up question how easy is to balance the set-lists after 30+ years on the road, trying to please all the fans?

Right now we have a lot of new songs in the set list. This is something I look forward to every night and I hope the Greek spectators and listeners feel the same way. Whenever coming to Greece Betrayer is a song we feel belongs to the set especially in Athens.

What 2018 brings for Kreator?

A European tour, 70000 tons of Metal, U.S. Tour, festivals in Europe. Going to Iceland for the first time. More shows are being booked as we speak and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Thanx for your time Sami, the closing is yours..

Very much looking forward to visiting Athens and Thessaloniki after such a long break. Way too long.Thank you for  your interest.