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Even though I know most artists hate this question please give us a small bio of the band.
We started Pulsar a couple of years ago simply because we wanted to drink beer and play heavy metal. The best activity there is! The ‘Alien Crusader’ demo is our only release so far, and we have played two or three gigs in and around the Oslo area. That’s about it!

Pulsar caught my eye as an unusual name for a metal band. What made you choose this name?
It wasn’t me who came up with the name, so I can’t really answer that. It’s a short and catchy name I guess, and pulsars are wicked.

How easy was to find a contract and why you chose Fill Your Head? Or was it just for the cassette print?
The demo was released on Rush of Power Records (run by the bass player from Flight) which I think has some kind of distro deal with Fill Your Head. He’s a good friend of ours, so no problems there. RoPR have only been releasing tapes so far, but they might expand to other formats in the future.

What drove you to create a N.W.O.B.H.M. Band?
We didn’t really set out to start start a N.W.O.B.H.M. band, or any particular type of band for that matter. The first songs we ever wrote was more like thrash/speed metal, and then we gradually slowed down a little bit, hehe.. But we’re all very much into NWOBHM (of course) – raw and pure heavy metal as it’s supposed to be! With that being said, we have started to speed up a little bit again, so if we ever record a full length it will probably be slightly faster than the demo.

Which is your biggest influence that probably defined Pulsar’s sound?
Hmmm.. it’s hard to name a single band or anything like that, but old timers like Angel Witch, Heavy Load, Agent Steel, Gotham City etc. have definitely been major influences.

How easy to handle time when all Pulsar’s members are into so many and different bands?
Hehe, good question. Øyvind is by far the buisiest of us in that regard, I’ve almost lost count of how many bands he’s playing in these days. It’s not so bad for the rest of us though. Alex and Marius are Pulsar exclusives, and I’m only involved with two other bands which is nothing compared to Øyvind!

Tell me about the recording process of the demo. Was it something that rolled away smoothly or did you encounter difficulties? Did it take you a long time to finish it?
We recorded the entire thing in less than two days actually. A friend of ours had some recording equipment, so we set up a little studio in our rehersal space. You shouldn’t need a whole lot more than that to record a heavy metal demo – a little spontaneity never hurts!

Lyrically speaking, your themes are as your music obscure? Tell us more about it.
Hehe, yeah I guess so. If you read the lyrics without listening to the songs I wouldn’t blame you would have thought that we were some kind of poor excuse for a Hawkwind copycat band. With that being said though, it’s a little bit random that the demo ended up having a ‘space theme’. We have a couple of slightly more earthy songs as well, we just haven’t recorded them yet.

Where do you draw your inspiration from and how did you end up with these themes?
There’s not a whole lot to tell, really. When we write a new song, it usually gives us (or at least one of us) a certain vibe, which in many cases can serve as the lyrical theme. When we wrote ‘Alien Crusader’ for instance, I sensed some obscure Star Wars-ish vibes in the air, and so I decided to write about alien warriors hehe…

What does the artwork on the demo signify and how does it tie into what is being expressed musically?
We didn’t have the money to pay someone to paint an alien crusader, so we settled for a ripping pulsar star instead. Nice’n’easy!

Why do you think that N.W.O.B.H.M. is once again popular among younger audiences?
Simply because most modern metal is shit compared to the magic created by the old NWOBHM heroes. The robotic shredders of modern metal core etc. can’t compete with songs written with an unmistakable passion for rock’n’roll, and with a more raw and unpolished sound that made heavy metal what it is today… or rather how it was back in the days. It’s all about rocking out and having fun!

Tell us about Puslasr’s future plans.
We’re not the most active band these days, so it’s hard to say where we are heading. The plan has always been to record a full length album, and hopefully we’ll be able to do that next year sometime. As for playing live etc, I don’t think we’ll be doing a whole lot of that in the years to come. You never know though!

The closing is yours.
Rock hard, ride free!