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Yet another new and ambitious Greek band we have the pleasure of hosting today in the interview section of the webzine!  We’re talking about the Athenians “Leave The Circus”, and specifically Pete Tross – Guitars/ Vocals and Vagelis Kolios – Harsh & Aggressive Vocals, with who we discuss all the things that concern the band’s present and future…

Welcome to Metal Invader!

Nice to be here and thanks for hosting us!

Tell us a few words about “Leave The Circus”! Who are they, what kind of music do they play and what are their plans for the future?

(Pete): In the beginning the band started in 2013 as a side project that I had in my mind to create for quite a while. Right now our line-up is just as when we began, with me on the guitars and the clean vocals.
All the other vocals are done by Vagelis Kolios, who’s worth can anyone acknowledge by looking at his work. Simple as that! In Addition, we’ve got Antonis Kontozoglou on the drums, with huge experience in great bands and really many live shows. On the bass is the junior of the team, Nicholas, who is just as equal and valuable member of Leave the Circus as any other.

Who does the order “Leave The Circus” address to?

(Pete): Practically everyone! Although this is more an instigation and less an order. It addresses to anyone who can and wants to think and dares to look beyond the foreground of modern society to what the actual goals should be and what means could be used to achieve them. It is an urge for everyone to step out of the shell that is enforced upon him from birth until death and live like a real person and not as a part of a circus act.

Leave The Circus, Melodic Metalcore, 2016, Interviews

When you write music do you have in the back of your mind a certain recipe or does the music lead you to different paths?

(Vagelis): The recipe is simple…we follow the music… All jokes aside now, the process is never specific, sometimes you start from a simple idea, a riff or a refrain and it leads you to a place where everything come and blend together at once or sometimes there is absolutely no way to get things moving giving us headaches until the magic moment of inspiration arrives.

What are the main influences for the lyrical part?

(Vagelis): We deal mainly with social issues. Still we do not offer them in a raw manner. We try to intersperse our lyrics with promiscuous elements so that they become more allegoric than solely detailing social and personal data.

What was the feedback for your debut Ep “Mind the Mass”? Looking back at this release from a distance, what are your thoughts?

 (Pete): “Mindless Mass” did hopelessly well, with pretty good response, especially (however odd that may seem for a band that is actually just starting) abroad. Many reviews, presentations and interviews were made and there were lots of people really enjoying our first work. That gives us a lot of strength in order to continue even more determined in the future.

Leave The Circus,Melodic Metalcore, Interviews, 2016

Should we be expecting a new release in 2016? What phase are you at?

(Pete): We are at the phase of discussing what releases we’ll bring about and in what fashion within 2016. We have the material, lots of it, actually! The thing is to figure out exactly what and when will be released. All in time…

Are you fans of the American metalcore/groove scene? What are the basic influences of the band and your own favorite bands?

(Pete): I wouldn’t say that we follow a specific sound, genre or scene. One can listen through Leave the Circus’ songs hints from Swedish Metal scene, to American Core sounds, and groove, as you have mentioned. Fortunately each of us listens to a lot of different stuff (metal always) and all these bind together into an interesting collage, which will show its value in time.

How did the cooperation with Scrap Metal take place? Will you continue working together in the new album as well?

(Pete): We sent our press kit to Metal Scrap Records as well as many other labels, before the release of the ep “Mindless Mass”. It was rather simple, despite to what anyone might think. They offered the deal with the best interest for us, we weight all the pros and cons and decided that it was the most beneficial for us. Now, when it comes to the new album with Metal Scrap, every issue is under discussion. However, the original deal concerned only “Mindless Mass” and nothing more.

Are there any changes in the way you write your songs? Will we witness any significant changes in the future?

(Pete): I can’t say that there will be any major changes when it comes to the basic structure of the songs. Of course, from one song to another one can view some minor variance. Still, the main idea comes from one person and is embellished in the development, until we get the final product.

In Greece, together with all the metal genres that flourish we also witness the birth of many new melodic death/metalcore bands. What is your opinion about the scene?

(Vagelis): Melodic death/metalcore scene is no1 abroad…for instance bands such as Bring Me the Horizon and Architects are huge. In Greece the scene was on the rise from 2008 up to 2010, but suddenly it was slowed by the new trend of stoner metal. Still, that did not stop all the serious bands to continue their course…only the masses turned to stoner rock.

I can’t say that the bLeave The Circus,Melodic Metalcore, Interviews, 2016and is highly active performing live… Would you say that Leave the Circus is a studio band or have you temporarily been focused on writing songs?

(Pete): No, definitely not. It’s just that last year I fulfilled my term in the military and, as one can imagine, there was no availability for all the opportunities out there. Right now, we are in discussion with live promoters, in order to play live in front of our fans after a year or more. We plan to be back strong. So, stay tuned!

When did you get the idea for the video clips from the recordings of “Mindless Mass”? Were you recording in order to publish them or was that a post decision? Will we see something similar in the future?

(Vagelis): We did it because it is one of the best ways to promote your stuff nowadays. We recorded them for us, but we intended to upload the best and most funny on our youtube channel. We will definitely continue this, because we like it, it is in fashion and it’s a way of witnessing our own mistakes and correcting them.

Have the political-economical circumstances interfered with Leave The Circus’ course? Although in theory there are adverse circumstances, still new, ambitious bands burst upon frequently! How can one explain this oxymoron?

(Pete): They have influenced us, in the way that we have more material to bring us inspiration, so that we write our lyrics (haha)! It’s obvious that things are far more difficult for everyone in everyday life. Still music is most times a medicine and a way out from everyday problems. It is a form of expression and creativity that no one can ever suppress or tax. So, it should come as no surprise that the harder the times the more the bands out there.

Thank you for your time! Good luck to all your next steps!

Thank you too for the opportunity for this nice chat!

Stay Metal
– Leave the Circus –