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Ministry are coming to Greece for the very first time, full of energy and a mood to create an unforgettable show! Truth to be told, I wasn’t expecting no less! Since 2006, Sin Quirin has been a mainstay in Al Jourgensen’s stable of musicians. Contributing to both Ministry and the Revolting Cocks, Sin has been nominated for two Grammy’s, has a Schecter signature series guitar, and remains one of the most down to earth dudes you could ever talk to. Metal Invader is happy to present our chat with Sin, where we discuss all things Ministry: past, present, and future.

You’ve been co-writing albums with Al (Jourgensen) since 2006 when you were working on ‘The Last Sucker’. You also wrote most of the songs on the two Revolting Cocks records, and ‘From Beer to Eternity’ you did pretty much the same thing. How do you feel being so important to a band that you used to be a fan?

Wow, you did your homework! I’m impressed! Very impressed, most people don’t know my involvement with all of this! It feels great, it feels amazing – I don’t want to say important – to be part of these two influential bands, in my opinion, it feels pretty good!

I imagine the sad news about Mike Scaccia’s passing was a life- changing experience for all of you guys. I wonder if you can share with us some memories about working with Mike on the last record. Well, not to put you on the spot, but do you have any Mikey stories you can share?

Well, Mikey – rest in peace – was an amazing guitar player and an amazing musician. He was more than that, he was a great friend! I first met Mikey in the early 2000’s but first time I toured with him was in 2006 with Revolting Cocks, Ministry, on the Masturbate Tour, here in the States and he kind of welcomed me as an equal, as if I’ve been working with them for years. He was that kind of person! Mikey wasn’t a fake person, he was the real deal, he was just about the music, he didn’t care about any other stuff that goes along with being in a band. It was just music for him and some of my best memories from Mikey, were really just kinda hanging out. When we would be on tour he and I, would go walking, look for places to eat and we would talk about music, talk about life, talk about tour experiences, these were part of my fondest moments with Mikey. Before we start work to ‘Beer To Eternity’ album, what was really important to Mikey was to just jam together, to come up with songs together, so he and I would go to the studio, and just kinda jam and see If we could write stuff together, which we did. Actually some of these moments are on YouTube, the making of ‘Beer To Eternity’, there are some videos there of Mikey and me, just coming up with ideas, so all of these things are fond memories for me.


What do you think about this islamophobia and the terrorist attacks? Last night another 23 people were killed in Manchester from Isis. Or the refugees from Syria…it’s a never ending circle?

First of all what happened is terrible. It’s so sad that these people were targeting kids, innocent people, it’s just a tragedy, nobody wants to see that happen, it’s horrible to hear about things like that. We were at rehearsal yesterday I believe when we heard about it. Any type of terrorist attack is horrendous and horrible but for some reason whenever we hear about it happening in a concert hall, a music venue, it always hits home for us, because of what we do, it’s terrible. I wish it didn’t exist, I wish that this horrendous act of people just being coward wasn’t there. So we are all a little bit shaken up from it, a little bit sad from it because it seemed to be mainly kids at this concert. Not that killing anybody is an ok thing to do, but is just something more pathetic going after kids.

Ministry was always combining extreme music with extreme lyrics. Besides the glorious days with ‘The Land of Rape and Honey ‘, ‘The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste’ and  ‘Psalm 69’ many fans have related you with some newer releases and mostly with the president Bush trilogy. Don’t you think you it’s time to create another trilogy for president Trump? Or at least an album about his policies…

 Well…. Hahaha, actually we’ve been working on a record, we have been working for several months and the record is done, it should be out in fall, and without giving too much detail, I can say that we are definitely touching on this president situation we have here in the States, that we are not happy about! So, who knows it might turn into a trilogy, who knows… but for now, this new record does touch on that subject.

I was about to ask that… because in an April 2016 in an interview with Loudwire Jourgensen mentioned the possibility of making another Ministry album if the circumstances were right. So…these circumstances are right…right? Hahaha.

Hahaha, they were definitely right, yeah! We started working on this record to be honest with you, started talking about it last year but after our last show, which was in Knotfest in Mexico, last October, that’s when we really started kicking around ideas, and I want to say towards the end of last year, early 2017 that we went into the studio and started working on the ideas and that’s what we’ve been doing from the beginning of this year, and it’s done. It needs to be mixed and mastered and we’re hoping for a fall release date for it.

So, ‘From Beer To Eternity’ is not going to be your last album! Because I think Al said that you were going to tour to promote the album and that would be it, except if as we said before the circumstances were right.

Hm… did we say a think like that? No, no, hahaha! After ‘Beer To Eternity’ we said that we would tour, but then Mikey  passed away, so we took some time off after that because honestly we didn’t know what we were going to do after that. We didn’t know if we were going to continue or not but we took some time off and we just came into the conclusion and the realization that Mikey would have wanted us to continue. So I always look at it as every time we play we are honoring Mikey  and anything that we do, we talk about Mikey all the time, we always joke about him and bring back his memory in that way. It looks like we are going to be pretty busy for the next year or so. So there hasn’t been any talk about this being the final thing.

Well, the fans wouldn’t want that so….great! We don’t want that goodbye, not just yet!

Oh, no? You don’t? Hahaha, good, great, hahaha!


How do you feel about ‘From Beer to Eternity’ 4 years later? In my opinion, it was a great comeback to some classic Ministry elements.

I’m very proud of that record! I thing that we did touch on some earlier stuff. When it was time to write ‘Beer To Eternity’, as I always do, I would ask Al what direction he wants to go on whatever record we are working on and I remember for that one that he was like – “bring whatever ideas you have” – and I brought a lot of sort of electronic type of ideas as well, so I’m very proud of that record and proud that we were able to touch on that type of sound. It’s always very liberating to be able to do what you want to do in the studio and Al has always been great to me as far as that goes, he always gave me a lot of freedom in the studio, ultimately Al has to say the final word in everything we do, but it’s very cool that he trusts me to write stuff and to do what I do in the studio. He always kinda of guides, gives certain directions but in the end he lets me do what I do and that’s a very cool thing to have such a freedom in the studio.

What’s the status of your personal side project Supermanic?

Ok, wow…you really did your homework!

I told you…

Well, Supermanic are on the backburner at the moment. Supermanic was a project that I don’t how many years ago, but it was a side project kind of a rock electronic kind of thing. The singer for that band George Kallaghan Massabo is been very busy, he is a very sought after producer here in the States now and has done a lot of records for Epitaph Records and he is very busy and everybody just kind of have their own things. Supermanic we said that was always going to be something that we do on the side when we had time and we’ve all been very busy, but hopefully one day in the future we are going to be able to get back to it but you know it’s all about scheduling, for me Ministry has always been my priority. This is what I’m doing, I even had to put on hold my other side project as well that I started a few months ago.

…Any news from the Revolting Cocks then?

Al and I have been talking about the possibility about doing another Revolting Cocks record, I’ve already written and have one or two song ideas for a possible Revolting Cocks record. But again it’s a scheduling thing because if everything goes as planned, Ministry is going to be busy in the next year so I don’t when and if we are going to have time to do that, but it is something that we do talk about and we want to do in the near future as soon as time permits.

sin quirin

Tell us what we should expect from the 2 showss in Athens and Thessaloniki?

From our end we are hoping and expecting all our Greek fans to just go crazy on our shows.

I think we will… I’m definitely sure we will!

I hope you will, I think you will as well! On our end, I mean just expect to come on with incredible amount of energy. We are very excited to be playing Greece for the first time, we are very very much looking forward to that, we can’t wait! It’s going to be an assault to all your senses, visually and sonically. We just can’t wait to bring the show to Greece, we have a feeling the energy is going full circle and bouncing from the stage to the crowd and backwards.

So let’s finish with a nice message for your Greek fans .

Sure, what can I say, we are extremely excited to being playing Greece, we are looking forward to this European Tour but there is something when we heard about going to Greece that really got us pumped up, because we never played there and because of all the feedback we’ve been getting from the fans is very positive and energetic so we hope to see these venues packed full of people. I hope to say hello to each and every one of you, I’m always walking around the crowd before and after the show. I’m really very appreciative of each and every one that comes and sees our shows, I feel very lucky to do what I get to do, so I like to say hello and thanks to everybody that is there. It’s going to be a lot of fun and hope to see you there, you should definitely come and say hello!

Thank you for this interview and as it seems I’m going to see you in a few days and talk about everything face to face. Looking forward for the show! Have a great