Moonspell, Moonspell…I cannot descibe how many hours I have spent as a teenager listening to your music. How are you people?

Still alive and why not inspired for a few more turns around the Moon, which will take us to Athens very soon!

You truly are considered a key figure in gothic metal today. And the most reknown Portuguese band. Does this unlock some achievements you probably had when you first started?

I don’t care about that at all. Gothic Metal became something that for me is shallow and empty with most soprano bands taking off the darkness out of our hearts and replacing it with half assed feelings. So if Moonspell is a key figure on the movement, it’s not helping anyone hahahah. It’s true we did a lot for what you expect for a Portuguese band  to do or achieve and also true that  it never crossed our mind to still be active and with many fans after almost 30 years together, I still can’t believe it in a way.

Let’s take things from the beginning, the “Morbid God” days. What made you change the name to “Moonspell”?

Well, that’s an easy one: Morbid God was so childish and out of place compared to Moonspell that is such a brilliant name, that we had no option but to change.

From “Wolfheart” to “Irreligious”, we witnessed some major musical changes in your direction. Did this happen on purpose?

I don’t know. Music for me, for us, has always been about trying different things and whatever cost, it’s in our DNA as a band. We’d hate to corner our music into just one dimensions and have to stick to it forever as many other bands did. For us it’s not a business, it’s a passion, not a product but a band, evolving and changing as it should be when years and experience pass by you.

“Night Eternal” marked this extremely huge success for you, a more mainstream attention if I may, since “Scorpion Flower” was (and is still) playing everywhere. How do you explain that?

I believe that album brought something fresh into the scene and especially into the band. Most of it was played fast but really dark, like death metal meeting Gothic and people and the press loved it. Scorpion Flower became a Gothic hit also because we had Anneke V. Giersbergen singing it. It was the first time she did something with a band since she left The Gathering and the result was beyond amazing and Moonspell will always be so grateful to Anneke! It’s only great this song stayed forever in the hearts of our fans.

What led you to create the double “Alpha Noir/Omega White” back in 2012? I mean, those two albums apart from being great, represent two different musical paths.

We wanted to have an album like that place where oceans meet but don’t mix with each other. An electric solar album Alpha, and a lunar atmospheric one in Omega. That was quite self-explanatory but we feel we should have released Omega on its own so people could get more of it. But we didn’t so Omega suffered, it’s a pity, such great songs like Sacrificial or A Greater Darkness.

For which Moonspell album are you mostly proud of?

“Irreligious” and “Extinct”. I think the band were very well prepared and inspired when we went on studio fot those ones.

Since you are still in your “1755” era, tell us a few things about the inspiration you had from this incident that marks the date.

Mostly the impact it had on Portuguese mentality back then. Τhough tragedy, we were able to leave behind the religious poison and authority that was consuming our country. In some strange way and of course tainted with blood, the future of Portugal was written upon its ruined capital.

Moonspell is one of the best touring bands at the moment. How do you manage to keep your audiences hot blooded each time you’re in town?

Thanks, we do our best and try to leave our skin on stage. Playing live has been always so important for us, it actually made us the band we are. Our concerts have just one pillar: atmosphere. That’s what counts for us, regardless of the songs we play, people have to be under a full spell, otherwise we will be sad and disappointed backstage. That’s the path we have signed with our fans.

This time you’re joining forces with our own Rotting Christ. It had to be done long ago, if you ask me! 

It’s not the first time but you’re absolutely right. This tour has been a success so far. Many sold out places and packed venues, thanks to the combination of fans which love both bands or even prefer one to the other but stay around for both shows. A word also for the first band Silver Dust, a true surprise for everyone.

What should we expect from you this time?

The exact same passion, lots of songs that play with your feelings and imagination and of course the wolves’ full commitment to bring you a great time as Rotting Christ’s special guest for these Greek shows!

What do you expect from the Greeks this time?

Much Hellenic love!

Thank you and see you soon.

See ya! Let’s bring Athens under the spell!