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Having recently released their debut album’s successor “Human,” under the title “Sigma,” the progressive rock / metallers Mother of Millions are undoubtedly at their best, as confirmed by their recent call to join the European tour of the Dutch progressive metallers Textures. So we talked with the drummer-percussionist of the band, Giorgos Boukaouris about Mother Of Millions’ evolution and we look forward to seeing them perform at Temple (Iakkou 17, Gazi, Athens) on Saturday, January 20th. Do not miss it!

Welcome to Metal Invader I will start with a question that I often start during this time as we are at the beginning of the New Year. Did you make any resolution lists? What would you change this year and what would you keep? What are your hopes and thoughts?

Happy New Year and we thank you for this interview. We always look closely at the results of our past moves so that we can move forward in the future. Within this logic, the mistakes we’ve made in the past year, were of a different nature from the previous years and this shows the band’s evolution. From last year’s retrospect, we mainly keep the moments from when we performed on stage and we received the crowd’s love as well as our first experience abroad with Textures.

And of course I would also like you to make a list of the best albums you heard in 2017.

Pain of Salvation – In the Passing Light Of Day
Mastodon – Emperor of Sand
Need – Hegaiamas: A Song For Freedom
Leprous – Malina
Royal Blood – How did we get so dark

You have released the successor of your debut ‘Human’, titled ‘Sigma’, through the Swedish ViciSolum Records. What is the feedback so far?

We are very happy as we see people being positively adjoining and supporting our effort. This feeds us with will, strength and hope for the continuation and brings the band a step closer to her vision.

How did your collaboration with ViciSolum Records come about and how do you feel with you so far?

We owe this cooperation mainly to the acquaintances that Giorgos Prokopiou acquired through the European tour with Poem. He brought us in touch with people in the label who found our work quite interesting. Thus, is was given to M.O.M. the opportunity to go outside the Greek borders and a little farther more. The collaboration so far with Vicisolum Records, though early on, is fruitful and promising for the future.

With this second album I personally see your quests being rewarded and for the band to have finally found it’s way. What are the elements you changed and brought you to this point?

I see the band as a living organism that over time develops, learns from its mistakes and changes. So we definitely can say that everything has changed, some less and some more, apart from our need to express through art. Though as personalities we are far from similar, with different tastes in music, fortunately we are quite open to the proposals and this has always been beneficial. Anyone can feel easily in Sigma, that all this variety of ideas and tastes just bonded quite well as you can see from the result. The cinematic elements that were intensified in sound helped us to listen to our music not one-dimensionally but as an audio work that simultaneously creates representations and landscapes in its mind. The truth is that in this album the ideas were pouring like rain and the years of experience and acquaintance between us helped make their stapling more constructive.

Α major change is for sure in the reign of production? How did Hector Tsolakis got chosen for this work?

We’ve worked on the past again with Hector Tsolakis and we liked the way he worked. He is dedicated and focused on his work. He understood what we had in mind, embraced it and gave it life, I think the result talks on its own.

George Prokopiou was added to the band’s dynamic and what does he bring to the table?

George is a separate chapter on the sound of M.O.M. The dynamic personality as well as his unique voice fit perfectly into our vision. Because, ok… it might be a good idea theoretically, but in practice an artist and a good partner like George Prokopiou was needed to complete the puzzle successfully.

Your name was taken from a poisonous succulent of Madagascar that spreads rapidly and a plant that is resistant! Are these characteristics, your own characteristics?

This plant grows while being toxic to the flora. We want to keep only the first property and certainly not the toxicity to others. By saying growth, I clearly mean the dissemination of all these feelings and ideas that M.O.M. preside. Now regarding the durabillity in time, it is definitely the biggest bet that a band has to win.

Several bands choose not to give a political meaning and reflection to their lyrics or concept to a record. But it’s easy to overlook what’s going on around you, and not be influenced by the sociopolitical situation in Greece, where we live and breathe after all? What is the concept of ‘Sigma’ ?

As a band, we never wanted to be stigmatized that we belong to a specific political-social pack but that doesn’t mean that we do not see what is happening around us. What interests us most is our music and expression through it. The very important part of  the lyrics comes to bind with our concerns, and the truth is that the concept theme has worked very well for us. The most certain thing is that our feelings and thoughts, have found space to express themselves in this album. “Sigma” is the first letter from words and concepts we wanted to delve in this album. The Silence as well its breaking. The Spiral that is indissolubly linked to the universe. The Total, the symbol of the sum.

Which bands have influenced you musically speaking all these years?

As I said earlier, our tastes vary. Personally, I’ve received stimuli from many genres of music, whether classic or folk, jazz and of course metal. E.S.T. (esbjorn svensson trio), Perfect circle, Lars Danielson trio, porcupine tree, Opeth are definitely some of the bands that have accompanied me for years, as well as classical composers like Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Rimsky-Korsakov who because of my classical education they have been influenced me and over the years have played an important role in identifying my musical identity. If anyone listens to M.O.M. can see this diversity and the smooth transition from one genre to another. Finally, music is an alloy of all of these genres and our goal has always been an elegant result that has something to say.

How oftenly does tha band use the Social Media to promote its work? Is it ultimately an important tool or a band can cover all promotional needs just by a great album?

Someone at a percussion seminar had asked the participants how much time do they spend on reading, and many raised their hand and said 12 hours a day even 14, then asked how many hours they devoted to promoting themselves and nobody lifted their hand. The truth is that promoting work, marketing in general, especially nowadays, has a bigger role than ever before. Of course, in Greece it is a burden that is usually loaded by the artist himself. However, the use of social media alone is certainly not enough. Usually if there is not a good raw material in sight the desired results are not ever going to come. As a band, we are clearly trying to put the appropriate effort in this area and to make the most of the potential of social media through the guidance of a professional.

That’s it from us! Thank you for this interview and I wish you the best for the New Year! And the epilogue is yours!

2017 was a very good year for M.O.M. and I hope 2018 to be even better. We have many plans in our minds and we know that only with a lot of hard work we are going to be able to achieve them. We thank all those who have supported us and we are looking forward to the future. Thank you very much for the invitation. Happy New Year.