In the midst of a pandemic and complete chaos in almost all aspects of everyday life, what was left for us not to completely lose our minds and communicate with the mundane was music. We thought that it was time to reopen the communication channels, as everything seems to return to normality. This time we are talking to Nasty Surgeons, a Death – Grind band from Spain.

Hello and welcome to Metal Invader guys! Nice having you with us! Hope everyone’s ok, considering the tough times we’re all going through. What have you been up to these days?

Hi! Thanks to you for the interview. Yes, these times are being tough for all musicians. We have been forced to postpone many gigs and we guess that the release of our new album will be delayed as well. These days we have tried to seize the time as much as possible practicing at home. Actually, there is not much else we can do hehehe.

Considering that Spain has been intensely hit by Covid-19 and the toll on people and capital doesn’t seem to hit the brakes, how do you imagine the day after, especially in the music field? How do you think the local (and global) scene will be affected?

I’m not going to lie to you about this: we are a bit scared about the future when talking about concerts. It seems that during the next years the capacity of the venues is going to be very limited. Maybe in other kinds of music this is not so critical but in the music that we do, we usually play in very small places so if the capacity is even more limited, it is going to be difficult to arrange concerts, at least with this kind of music.

Trying to give a more positive spin on this interview, I’d like to ask you about your upcoming third album, “A Night In The Morgue”! Have you finished with the production of the album? What’s new on your upcoming effort?

Yes, we finished the recording at the end of last year. The mix and master were done in Moontower studios like our last album. We are very satisfied with the result so far (we think that our sound is evolving but also keeping loyal to our origin), let’s hope the media agrees with this!

You’ve mentioned online that you’ve struck a deal with a new label concerning your upcoming release; which one is it and why did you choose to join its roster?

That’s true, the label is Transcending Obscurity Records. When we finished the recording, we started looking for a label and this one offered us very good conditions. Also, we know many good bands that have released albums with it, so this also inspired us confidence and we decided to sign with it for the upcoming album. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the labels that we have worked with so far (Xtreem Music, Base Record Production, Ruido Noise Records), we are very satisfied with the work they have done with us.

Keeping in mind that you have other projects in your background, such as Mistweaver, Mass Burial, Dalle and Internal Suffering, what led you into forming a new band? Whose idea was it at first and what were your ambitions?

The original idea came from Raul. He wanted to start a grind-death project, so he proposed Ramón (who also was playing with Raul in Mistweaver and liked the idea) to record the 10 songs that formed “Exhumation Requiem”. In the beginning it was just a project but since Xtreem Music showed its interest to release the album, Raul and Ramón got in contact with Gonzalo and Adrián (Nasty Surgeons first bassist) in order to complete the band.

Four years since the formation of Nasty Surgeons (I truly dig the name, by the way) and the band has already released two full lengths, an EP and has made quite an impact on the extreme music fans. How do you feel about that? I guess you must be proud!

Yes, we are really flattered about that. It has been four years of intense work and it’s always encouraging that people like what you do. During the last year many people has congratulated us after our live performances, we are very satisfied with the sound that we have reached as a band and of course it’s great that people likes it as well.

There’s some kind of pureness in the Grind genre, as most of the bands that serve it have stayed true to their roots, without blending in other genres. Would you agree with that thought? If not, why?

Well, it depends. It is true that grind is a style in which most bands keep loyal to their style and you can barely notice an evolution through their albums, which we totally respect. But also, there are bands that evolve a lot, for instance Carcass (which is one of our principal influences) has albums with a very grind sound but also they have works that are very close to even melodic death. In our case, we notice that there is an evolution since our first album, but the essence is the same.

Do you think that technology has helped with the “distribution” of extreme metal? Has it made it easier for both the musicians and the listeners?

Of course, promotion through social media and tools such as Bandcamp have made possible that the music from small bands such us like ours can be heard all over the world. On the other hand, the problem with this is that we do not get many incomes from the recordings. Even in this kind of music, in which we think that people keeps buying records more than in other styles.

I know that making plans these days are not a priority, however, once reality is restored, what will be your next steps?

First, we want to release our third studio album, hopefully it will be out after summer. Second, we are going to participate along with many other bands in a tribute album to Swedish death metal, this album is going to be entitled “An Oath to Death” and is going to be edited through Burial Records. Third, we already have plans about a release with the songs left from the recording sessions of “A Night in the Morgue”, at the moment we cannot provide more information about this. And finally, if the global situation gets better, we hope that we can participate in a festival and of course in all the concerts we had already planned. We can’t wait to play live again!

Alright, thank you for your time and your answers! Hope to see you soon in Greece. Would you like to send a message to our readers?

Thanks again to you for the opportunity, we would really like to play in Greece. If anyone there is interested in us for a festival or for a tour, you can count on us, just write us an e-mail to