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Welcome to Metal Invader and congratulations on your new record…

We thank you for having us here.

Despite you being one of the most recognized Greek progressive metal bands, give is a bio.

We are Need, we have been playing the music we love for the past 12 years, we have released four records and a live DVD, we have played in various concerts all over Greece and abroad and we would love to play more and definitely write a new album.

Give us some light on “Hegaiamas: A Song For Freedom”. Where was it recorded, where did the mix and mastering take place?

Drums were recorded at Devasound Studios and the rest of the instruments in various home studios. So did the vocals. Responsible for the mix and mastering is Hectoras Tsolakis at his own studio.

I wish all kinds of progressive music ever to flourish. And 17 and 18 and for as long as there is  access to so much music that I think it can satisfy the needs of any listener.

The feedback on the record is mostly positive. How satisfied are you with the result?

It’s been a while since its release but still we are very happy.

The title of the record is quite extraordinary, so are the songs as well. What exactly happened and how did you come up with it?

Hegaiamas could mean “our gaia (earth), maybe not though. It’s a wide thought over the connection of people over various places on planet earth. It’s our home, but is also a place where we can travel a lot, both inner and outer. It definitely came up after my occupation with nitassinan, which comes from the Innu tradition.


The creation of a 22 minute long song can be considered a risk, as much as a challenge. You have done it before with “Orvam” with a great success. Is it something you have had in mind since the beginning (having long lasting songs) or did it just come back?

It depends. It’s definitely a challenge when we have new ideas, because we try to hark the space we need every time to make those ideas possible. Ideas for Hegaiamas definitely needed their space. We are very happy to see that our long lasting tracks have a good communication with our fans. It’s a pattern that some time has to be broken, there are things that want to be said in the band that don’t have to be radio-long. We’ll see.

Is there a specific track you follow while creating a song? What kind of messages you would like to spread from the lyrics?

Over the last two releases, all ideas are filtered by all the band members. Everything flows, is getting adjusted in rehearsal so that the result can be collective. I think Hegaiamas is a more team worked album and I would like the next one to be a little more. We wouldn’t like to spread a preaching message. We would like to communicate with things that matter to us and those things, whether big or small, make us happy.

After Trump’s election in America, here’s undoubtedly a global “turn on the right” turn of events. In Greece, the rise of fascism is trying to be reacted too. How could you describe the political scene that is being created?

Whoever has read at least a small part of history, knows how things end up. We wonder how many times they have to be re-lived to decide as humans what we want or not for ourselves and for the rest. We would love to see caring, happy and sympathetic people around us. It’s a beautiful thought.

Having heard every single one of your release, we see your evolution as a band, now that you know what you want as musicians. You have found it and made it your own. You look more mature than ever. You  think you have reached the level you always wanted?

Thank you. We’re still searching for it. Our past two albums are close to what I had been dreaming as a youngster, but when you head for something, you always somewhere realise that the affections are much more and much more interesting than you have thought before you reached it. It’s still a long road ahead..

You toured on Evergrey’s side in America and played as a support act for Fates Warning in Athens. Such appearances are demanding and must create high expectations for you.

We are definitely happy for those experiences. I don’t know if we have any demands, but we definitely need to be evolved. With such expectations for the future, it is not constructive to deal with. The more we move to the present, the better.

How do you see the progressive metal scene today? I think 2016 was a creative year and so seems 2017 to be so far.

I wish all kinds of progressive music ever to flourish. And 17 and 18 and for as long as there is  access to so much music that I think it can satisfy the needs of any listener.

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Which bands have affected you specifically in your career and which keep on inspiring you.

I’m not good at namedropping but definitely original Metallica, Dream Theater, Nevermore, Blind Guardian, Pantera, Fates Warning, Queensryche and Psychotic Waltz. Several of them are still there with many others, but to say that inspiration is abundant by any stimulus. For example, I think Neil Gaiman, Lovecraft, Doug Stanhope have influenced me more than music the recent years.

What are you listening to at the moment? Tell us the last five albums you bought.

They are many in general, but not necessarily metal I will tell you 5 that I listen to very much regardless of time. Gojira – Magma, the masterpiece In the Passing light of the Day by Pain of Salvation, Storm Within by Evergrey, Skein Syndrome by Poem and Harmonic confusion by Tardive.

Are there any members of you in another band or you are focusing exclusively on NEED, since the ‘fashion’ of the project is on the rise in recent years.

I personally do not. The other members of Need are professional musicians, so they play in many groups and make session chores. For projects, it is now good to have a special creation if it’s tasteful. Nothing can be ruled out in the future.

You’ve already released ‘Orvam: A song For Atlanta’ on DVD. Are there any thoughts about another live album in the future?

Yes there is, and if it’s done as we imagine, it will be something very different and special for us. That’s all for now.

Here we have to close, thank you for the chat we had, a message for Metal Invader readers …

Thank you for the hospitality. We wish you hapiness and creation both to you and your readers and may your lives be full with joyful music and not only.